PodcastOne launch: Airport Economist Tim Harcourt’s audio series

The Airport Economist is a guide to doing business overseas.

As Australia’s global trade continues to boom and an increasing number of businesses and individuals set their sights on international ventures, a new release from PodcastOne will help listeners to understand the cultural and economic nuances unique to each nation.

The Airport Economist is a guide to doing business overseas. In each episode, renowned economist, TV personality and university professor Tim Harcourt explains key markets around the world to discover emerging opportunities and teach listeners how to get a foot in the door.

“In the past decade we have seen unprecedented numbers of Australians pursuing business opportunities abroad,” said Harcourt.

“With global trade booming, it’s easy to underestimate just how challenging it can be to launch or expand a business overseas.”

The Airport Economist podcast series will take listeners to Asia, the Americas and emerging markets, highlighting key economic trends, untapped opportunities, prospective challenges and cultural considerations. The first series looks at China, Japan, India, Peru, Chile and Brazil.

“Heightened political volatility in recent years highlights the importance of education and contextual understanding when it comes to global economics,” added Harcourt.

“I hope The Airport Economist will empower people with the information required to have both successful and enjoyable business trips and cultural experiences too.”

Listen to The Airport Economist on PodcastOne.

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