Ticker signs US correspondent as it unveils new state-of-the-art Ticker Park studio


Ticker CEO Ahron Young: ‘The streaming world is running red hot right now’

The 7am bulletin on Ticker News this morning showcased the growing global brand’s latest assets.

Hosted by news anchor and reporter Adrian Franklin, the bulletin came from the new Ticker Park studio that was launched on Monday this week. Franklin crossed during the news update to its recently hired UK correspondent Simon Anderson. Franklin also spoke with Ticker’s latest hire, US correspondent Veronica Dudo.

Ticker’s New York correspondent Veronica Dudo

Dudo is based in New York and will report live into Ticker news programming across the day.

Most recently Emmy nominated Dudo worked was an anchor for Washington-based news company The Hill, and previously worked as a reporter and anchor for CBS and NBC News.

Meanwhile Singapore-based Jackson Williams is moving into a global reporter-at-large role, covering major events for Ticker News on location.

Ticker is now also partnering with Reuters, bringing its global live news coverage to the Ticker audience. The Reuters partnership follows recent distribution deals with iHeartRadio and NewsLead.

Ticker CEO Ahron Young told Mediaweek: “With Veronica in New York, Simon in London, and Jackson Williams covering major global stories, our content offering is rich. And with Anthony Lucas and Brittany Coles in Australia reporting on the road, we have doubled down on our commitment to quality live and local news reporting too.


Simon Anderson reporting for Ticker in London


“The Reuters partnership brings us more live events and coverage of world news, which complements our staff reporters.

“In covering a world event like a pandemic, it’s important to seek out global context. You can see how your local politicians are handling the pandemic compared to other countries who are further advanced with the vaccine rollout. By comparing and contrasting, our viewers are given a better platform to judge whether their politicians are telling the truth.

“The streaming world is running red hot right now, there’s so much happening and it’s incredibly exciting. There’s no room for half-baked ideas and we are constantly looking at the industry as a whole and growing and adapting all the time.”

Ticker COO Jed Bertalli added: “Over the past four months we have transformed our business and focused on our key priorities. It’s been like a rocket – moving studios, building world class sets, employing journalists around the world, redeveloping our Apps and web presence, growing our distribution platforms, while also expanding our commercial partnerships.

“Ticker’s revenue streams are diverse and multi-faceted, allowing us to grow in the face of a tough advertising market.”



Ticker anchor Holly Stearnes in the new studio


Ticker launches new state-of-the-art studio

Mediaweek first reported on its Ticker Park expansion plans earlier this year. Now after a five-month long project it has been able this week to unveil its world-class studio.

The studio features a massive ultra-high definition LED wall and a free standing LED tower, an automated camera-crane and wireless technology allowing for more flexibility and better story-telling.

Ahron Young said: “It has been a massive challenge to complete this project, especially during a lockdown and global supply constraints. We set out to build a world class set, the sort of thing that would fit-in in New York or London. It reflects our global outlook and the international audience we reach.”

The set was designed by leading Australian set designer Mal Nichols, with the graphical elements created by Gavain Browne at Lightrise, with input from Ticker’s Emmy-winning creative director Tim RC. Anderson.

Jed Bertalli said: “We really love to create new technology for our audience and commercial partners. The new studio and set will provide our audience with ground-breaking, up-to-date news. This new set reflects that and elevates our standing in the industry.”

Top photo: Ticker’s Mike Loder, Holly Stearnes and Adrian Franklin

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