Three Triple J presenters announce their departure in on-air shake up

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Ebony Boadu, Bridget Hustwaite, and Declan Byrne say goodbye

After two years as breakfast host and four years with the station, on Tuesday morning Ebony Boadu announced that she will be leaving Triple J. Her final show will be this Friday.

Boadu started out soundtracking Saturday nights on Triple J’s House Party before taking over Breakfast alongside Bryce Mills in 2021.

Boadu joked that this wouldn’t be a surprise to the people who knew her, saying that “I hate waking up early, and I hate going to bed early even more.”

“I never pictured myself hosting breakfast radio, but I’m so grateful for all the experiences it’s allowed me to be a part of. From counting down the number one song in the Hottest 100, witnessing iconic Like A Versions every week to sharing my favourite new music with people all over the country. Thank you for waking up with us, making me laugh and sharing in such a formative part of my life.”

Taking over Boadu’s position on Breakfast will be comedian and podcaster, Concetta Caristo  – a choice co-signed by Wil Anderson, with Mills revealing on-air that Anderson had called him to commend the station’s decision.

“I’m absolutely ecstatic to be teaming up with the hilarious and talented Bryce on my dream job of hosting Triple J Breakfast,” said Caristo. “I love connecting with people and I can’t wait to speak to listeners across the country every morning so we can get to know each other by me asking normal everyday questions like ‘do you believe in ghosts?’ and ‘what is your favourite hat?’” 

Bryce Mills and Concetta Caristo

Breakfast isn’t the only show that will see a lineup change.

Bridget Hustwaite will be bidding farewell to Good Nights, having hosted the show since 2018. Taking over in 2023 will be proud queer, Samoan-GuriNgai woman, the multi-talented DJ/Host/Law Grad, Latifa Tee.

Hustwaite says, “It’s been an absolute dream to be part of both the Triple J and Triple J Unearthed fam for the past seven years, but I’m ready to spread my wings, take on new opportunities and let another passionate presenter connect with the amazing music fans that tune in every night. Thank you to everyone and anyone who has ever listened and shared their favourite new releases with me. You’ve provided some epic tracks to add to my own playlist and so much joy and comfort to my evenings!”

Finally, Declan Byrne from Triple J’s Home & Hosed will be wrapping up at the end of this year since beginning with the station in 2013. Breakfast producer and proud Wadawurrung woman Ash McGregor will be taking the reins in the New Year.

“Being able to shout about new Australian music for so long has been a ridiculous privilege,” says Byrne. “If you told the teen working at a pizza place making dough to the sound of Triple J that he’d get to host Home & Hosed, present Hottest 100’s, Splendour and everything else, he would’ve been pretty stoked and probably would’ve thrown in a free garlic bread. Thanks for everything, and mostly thanks to the local artists who made my job a total dream. You’re the best!” 

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Top Image: Ash McGregor, Latifa Tee, Concetta Caristo

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