Three quarters of listeners tune in to multiple podcasts each week

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Plus: How to build relevance and align advertising on podcasts.

Despite an increasingly fragmented media landscape, 76% of podcast listeners listen to multiple podcasts every week, a new study from The Growth Distillery has found. 

The study, On-Demand Expertise: the Anatomy of Trusted Audio Advisors, looks into the world of Aussie podcast listeners, and the data that can help brands looking to harness the power of podcasts. 

For brands, the data shows that podcasts are a powerful medium for building loyal and engaged audiences due to the intimacy and authenticity that they create between a host and listeners. 

Listeners are actively taking in the information podcasts give them, with 92% of podcast listeners saying they are engaged while listening, and engagement extends beyond each episode – reading articles about the content or following the host on social media.  

The analysis also revealed 73% of podcast listeners feel a genuine connection to the host with podcast hosts seen as the most trustworthy source across all mediums. Over half of listeners – 53% –  say they trust brand and product recommendations from their favourite podcast hosts.

This stat places podcasts as more trusted than online news, YouTube, streaming services, FTA television, and social media. 

 The ability to listen to podcasts while doing something else also opens up listening experiences to places that other media can not play. 

Half of listeners are doing something else whilst they tune in, such as driving or doing chores. 72% listen to podcasts as a way to take a break from screen-based media or to reduce screen fatigue, and 82% are listening on the go using a smartphone.

There are four core motivations when it comes to why people are listening to podcasts:

• 73% of podcast listeners have listened to learn in the last year.
• 67% of podcast listeners have listened to entertain in the last year.
• 60% of podcast listeners have listened to escape in the last year.
• 46% of podcast listeners have listened to relax in the last year.

In addition to this, there are three major ways for brands to build relevance and align advertising on podcasts, according to the research: 

Motivation: align with the listeners’ intent, offering products that provide similar benefits.
Content: align with the topic or genre of the podcast to ensure relevance. 
Host: align with the host’s personal preferences, leveraging their endorsements to persuade and connect with the audience.

Research director of The Growth Distillery, Bethan Hockey, said “With this Podcast Playbook we have delved into this unique landscape of what makes podcasts so compelling for consumers and impactful for brands. 

“Our research highlights the significant engagement and trust podcasts command. By focusing on what makes podcasts so compelling – their authenticity, informative content, and role as trusted advisors – we offer insights and strategies that can help brands get the most out of podcasts, making sure their ads hit the mark and truly speak to listeners.”  

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