ThinkTV unveils new TV commercial

“It’s prime time to rethink TV”

During the ReThinkTV marketing forum, ThinkTV unveiled a new TV commercial that demonstrates the power and effectiveness of TV.

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The commercial, which carries the strapline “It’s prime time to rethink TV”, shows the power of TV to build brands in the minds of consumers and, just as important, have consumers remember those brands over a lifetime.

In the ad, ThinkTV’s first, a psychologist asks her hypnotised client Jack a series of probing questions, each of which prompts him to leap to life and blurt out a classic TV ad slogan before collapsing back into a slumber.

In a world with ever-increasing options about where marketers can invest their budgets, the commercial is designed as a timely reminder of the enduring power and effectiveness of TV.

“We believe TV is the most effective and powerful media in any marketer’s tool kit. As marketers, and indeed as advocates of TV, it’s important that we put our money where our mouth is and use TV to promote TV,” ThinkTV CEO Kim Portrate said.

“We’re thrilled with the resulting ad and believe it will generate a lot of interest, plenty of laughter and a reconsideration of TV as the most powerful and effective medium for advertisers and their agencies,” she added.

The commercial, which follows in the footsteps of the hugely successful ThinkBox UK launch TVC, will air across all the Australian commercial free-to-air networks and Foxtel from December 1.


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