“There is so much heart here”: Kim Czosnek on the success of Sea FM

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• “Local, simple, everyone can be involved, that is what wins here on the Gold Coast.”

After officially switching back to its heritage name of 90.9 Sea FM in August, the Hit Network station shot up a massive 4.1 points in the Gold Coast radio ratings survey 3. Sea FM has also claimed the number one breakfast show with Bianca, Dan and Ben, the top station in the 10-17 and 18-24 demographics, and top commercial station for 25-39s.

Mediaweek spoke to Sea FM content director Kim Czosnek about the station’s success and what the future looks like.

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Kim Czosnek

With Bianca, Dan and Ben pulling a 12.9% share to land the top breakfast show on the Gold Coast, Czosnek says the success comes down to the hard work of the team on and off the mic.

“We’ve got such a good team. It’s the smallest team that I think I’ve worked with, but they work so hard. Take OB’s for example, we can get things turned around here in 24 hours, whereas in the metros it would take a bit longer because there are more layers to get through.

Bianca [Dye] wears her heart on her sleeve, and she doesn’t mind saying it. She doesn’t mind being emotional and being herself. Like it or not, that’s her – and that is, I think, really brave. 

“Then we’ve got Ben [Hannant] who’s a sporting hero. He’s a father of eight who lives on a farm, so he tells these stories about his kids. He’s known to be amazing in his sporting career, then there he is talking about the farm and having to pick up dirty washing or whatever it might be.

“Then Dan [Anstey] just had a new baby, so he’s got two children under three – and he also likes to go out. So, father and going out, it’s really hard on any parent to have both of those. Bianca calls him Mr. Perfect, and sometimes not so perfect. You relate to him working full time, trying to be a dad, but also wanting to go out. There’s something in the show for everybody.”

The station only switched back to its heritage name of Sea FM in August, and the response has been immediate. Czosnek says the brand means a lot to the Gold Coast.

“I think the brand going back to Sea FM is a massive thing, it brings back that community feeling. For next year, talking about the nostalgic part, I’ve got something planned to bring that back in as well.”

Sea FM

Czosnek says the community feeling is a major component of success for stations operating on the Gold Coast.

“The one thing I have learned here on the Gold Coast, which I love, is that there is so much heart here, more than any market that I’ve ever worked in. It’s a feeling, and the feeling here is community. In Burleigh Heads I’ve gotten to know so many different people to say hi to now, and that gives a real comfort.

“So it’s simple things like that – local, simple, everyone can be involved, that is what wins here on the Gold Coast. It’s us being involved in the community and the community being involved with us, I think that’s the number one thing.”

While looking ahead is always difficult, Czosnek’s hopes for the future of the station are high.

“The plans we have for next year touch on the nostalgia and fun of Sea FM being back. I’m constantly thinking about how we can keep bringing this brand to life and keeping it local. The Gold Coast is such a wonderful place with really lovely people, and our listeners are there and they’re ready for it too.

“I am so excited about 2022 for Sea FM. With the vision that I have and the borders opening, I feel like we’re stepping into a really good time in life, where everybody is ready to have fun. Even with the name changing back to Sea FM, it’s such a nostalgic thing, it takes people back to a happy time in their own lives. I feel like we really got the energy in this station in a really good spot, and the ratings helped that and lifted everybody. It’s a really exciting time to be on the Gold Coast.”

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