Industry leaders discuss relationship between music and Instagram

• Five of the top 10 global accounts are musicians

Instagram has invested a lot of time and energy the last few years trying to become more than a photo-sharing platform as it continues to grow its offering to its users. Recently a large focus of this forward movement has been on music as Instagram has aimed to establish itself as an exciting platform for artists to interact with fans, industry, and press.

In this spirit  Instagram hosted Instalounge: Music where it shared insights from the local Instagram team, along with a panel of industry leaders and artists including Tuka from Thudamentals, Alex Zaccaria, Angus Truskett, and Hugh Cruckshank who talked about the success they have had on Instagram, and their opinion on the future.

Some of the info that we took away from the event included: 

• 56% of millennials discover new music on social media;
• Five out of eight Instagram accounts with 100M+ followers are music accounts;
• 46% (nearly half) of all users on Instagram follow at least one music account;
• Five of the top 10 global accounts are musicians.

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