The Chaser website crashes after viral Facebook post

• The Post was ironically about Facebook

The Chaser’s website ( crashed repeatedly on Friday after it posted a satirical article titled-“Social media should not fact check posts” says child molester Mark Zuckerberg.

The article has so far received 8.8k shares and 9.7k likes on Facebook, and been retweeted 3.3k times.

“We’ve had 1.2 million people view the article on our website since 4am this morning,” said Charles Firth, managing editor of The Chaser. “At the moment, we’re serving over 8,000 people per minute. It turns out Facebook users love this type of content — so I guess we’ll just have to churn out more of it.”

“It’s gone viral across the globe” said Cam Smith, The Chaser’s editor. “But the problem seems to be local. It looks like the NBN can’t handle over three Australian users logging on at the same time.”

“It would deeply hypocritical if Facebook were to fact-check our post. So I suppose, according to their own principles, they should just let it spread far and wide. Checkmate, Facebook,” said Firth.

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