The Brag Media announces The Courtyard Presented by Rolling Stone at SXSW Sydney

The Brag Media SXSW

The Courtyard begins from October 18

The Brag Media has announced that The Courtyard presented by Rolling Stone is set to take place at SXSW Sydney, promising exclusive live performances, expert discussion, and four secret headline acts. The Courtyard begins from October 18.

In partnership with Jim Beam, Rolling Stone has announced that Adam Newling, The Terrys, Telenova, First Nations rapper Barkaa and many more featuring the most exciting emerging names in music will make an appearance.

Each night, a major artist will perform a secret headline show in The Courtyard Presented by Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone will unveil daily headliners on its Instagram. This surprise twist promises to reveal some of the biggest names for unforgettable performances.

Jessica Hunter, partnerships general manager at The Brag Media, said: “We’re delighted to announce the debut The Courtyard Presented by Rolling Stone at SXSW Sydney® next week. We’re bringing the iconic Rolling Stone brand to the heart of this incredible festival, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to share the experience with music enthusiasts, industry professionals, and festival attendees. It’s set to be a memorable celebration of music, culture, and creativity.

“More than 20 carefully selected artists, curated by our editors, will grace the stage spotlighting the remarkable musical talent. Each performance will be a testament to the vibrant and diverse music scenes of Australia and Aotearoa. And to keep the excitement at its peak, we have a secret headliner each night, adding an element of anticipation.

“We take pride in collaborating with Jim Beam, Old El Paso and Twilio Segment to bring this incredible experience to life.”

In a collaboration between the worlds of artistry and technology, industry leaders will also converge at SXSW Sydney to unearth the insights each sector can glean from the other.

Presented by Twillio, the discussion will delve into the intersection of art and technology, highlighting how artists possess an unparalleled ability to hack algorithms and achieve virality, while tech excels in creating one-to-one customer relationships at scale.

The panel will be moderated by Luke Girgis, CEO of The Brag Media, Variety Australia, and Rolling Stone Australia & New Zealand, and will feature Liz Adeniji, regional vice president at Segment, Jaddan Comerford, CEO & founder of UNIFIED Music Group, and Wayne Baskin, co-founder and CTO of Superhero.

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