The Bachelors: Everything you need to know about the dating show’s revamp

The Bachelors cast 2023

Among the show’s changes is its relocation to Queensland’s Gold Coast

The Bachelor is back on 10 and 10 Play for another season of love. And this year, there will be three times the romance.

The reality dating show, set to premiere its tenth season on Monday, January 9, will follow three single men – Thomas Malucelli, Jed McIntosh and Felix Von Hofe – each looking for the woman of their dreams.

The Bachelors is a slight departure from the format that has been tried and tested for the past nine seasons that resulted in engagements, marriages and families over the years.

One of the biggest changes this season is the new locations of The Bachelor Mansion and The Bachelor Pad to new and lavish properties on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

The Bachelors

Jed McIntosh, Felix Von Hofe and Thomas Malucelli

Executive producer Tim Ali recently explained to Mediaweek that the move north was to “break free” from the dating show’s previous style.

“Traditionally, The Bachelor has had a very old money feel – a big, historic, old-world mansion, lots of traditional roses, and all the outfits had a very traditional look. We wanted to really break away from that,” he said.

“The Gold Coast has lots of sun, and it has a very particular style – it just suited where we were taking the show. It gave us beautiful beaches, it gave us beautiful hinterland, and it gave us an amazing cosmopolitan scene as well.
“The fact that we had those three really different vibes that we could play into made the Gold Coast a really attractive place to go,” Ali added.


Tim Ali

This year, The Bachelors will start with 29 women from around the country vying to spark a romance with their bachelor.
Ali said that the women will have more power than they’ve ever had on the show.
“We’ve introduced almost a bit of a Tribal Council feel at the Rose Ceremonies. Osher holds court in a new open forum discussion with all the ladies in the house, giving them a chance to get anything off their chest they feel that they need to. 
“It encourages conversation, and it’s given us some drama too, which is nice!”

The bachelor

Osher Günsberg

An important element of the show that has continued is the guiding hand of host Osher Günsberg, who has presented the show since it began in Australia back in 2013.
Günsberg is not only there to keep the show running but is always a key emotional support for the Bachelor or Bachelorette as they make their way through the minefield of dating.
Having to do that three times over might sound daunting, but Günsberg recently told Mediaweek “you rarely see one man talking to another man on telly about something other than sport,” and breaking that stereotype has been rewarding.

Felix’s Contestants:
Abigail Harley, 26, New South Wales
Eboni Burling, 29, Queensland
Emma Lewis, 25, Victoria
Jessica Navin, 25, Queensland
Krystal Thomas, 26, Queensland
Mikki Silberbach, 26, New South Wales
Naomi Johnston, 24, New South Wales
Tilly Skok, 24, Victoria
Yuri, 21, New South Wales
Zara Jekyll, 27, New South Wales
Ella Thiele, 23, Queensland

Jed’s Contestants:
Abby Miller, 21, New South Wales
Alesia Delaney, 28, New South Wales
Angela Ferdinands, 25, Victoria
Bella Johnston, 27, New South Wales
Caitlin Perry, 25, Queensland
Courtney Mustac, 33, Victoria
Jasmine Absolom, 24, Queensland
Jessica Tomlinson, 24, Western Australia
Tash, 31, Victoria

Thomas’ Contestants:
Aylin Sakaci, 25, Queensland
CJ, 30, Western Australia
Jacinta Daher, 30, New South Wales
Jenae Weston, 29, Victoria
Kristen “Kiki”, 38, Queensland
Lauren Whybird, 28, Queensland
Leah Cummings, 32, South Australia
Lou Bellbowen, 31, New South Wales
Marjorie Griffiths, 25, New South Wales
Marnie Klippelt, 28, Queensland

The Bachelors premieres on Monday, 9 January 2023 on 10 and 10 Play

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