The Bachelors Australia: The season finale sees heartbreaks and happily-ever-afters

The Bachelors Australia

One bachelor is still on the hunt for the one

From goodbyes to expressions of love, the season finale of The Bachelors Australia delivered the feels in a whirlwind of romance, drama and unbelievable moments.

In a heart-to-heart with host, Osher Günsberg, all of The Bachelors spoke on their inner struggles. Luke grappled with the weight of breaking someone’s heart, Ben revealed how far he’s come with sharing his emotions, while Wesley contemplated compromise in his quest for love.

As the big day arrived, Luke, surrounded by flowers and a fairytale setting, laid it all on the line with Ellie, dropping a shocking “I love you” and giving her a reassurance ring. 

Luke then had to break the news to Lana and ended his heart-to-heart with a bittersweet goodbye. 

Wesley, with all the nerves, expressed his hopes of a bright future with Brea, however, amidst trembling breaths and heartfelt confessions, they faced the truth that most saw coming – compromise. With differences too big to ignore, they decided to close the door on their relationship indefinitely. 

Those differences that Wes and Brea had stemmed from religious differences, with Wes’ step-mum insisting in the second last episode of the season that he and Brea would not be physically affectionate before marriage. 

During the conversation, Brea said she would compromise by being okay with not being intimate with Wes, but would like to share a bed with him, however, Wes’ step-mum Baby wasn’t budging.

Ben’s honesty led to an unexpected heartbreak, as he told Angela his heart belonged to someone else, that being Mckenna. Ben then paved the way for the beginning of their relationship, sealed with a kiss. However, since The Bachelors Australia filming, Ben and Mckenna have decided to part ways while Wes and Brea are still on their hunt for the one. 

It was revealed that Luke and Ellie are still head over heels for each other, and are ready for their adventures ahead.

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