Binge the Bach: How The Bachelors Australia is appealing to it’s BVOD audience

The Bachelors Australia

The Bachelors Australia premieres on December 3 at 7:30 pm on 10 and 10 Play

With three brand new Bachies, the eleventh season of The Bachelors Australia promises triple the sparks, triple the butterflies and triple the jitters, with smitten suitors, Wesley, Ben and Luke all searching for the one. 

BVOD has proven to be a match made in heaven for The Bachelors Australia, with season 10 earlier in the year becoming the #1 commercial show on BVOD during its run as well as being 10 Play’s #2 show of the year.

Channel 10 knows the show’s demographics, and head of creative production and entertainment at Paramount Australia, Tamara Simoneau says the network is trying something different in order to capitalise on the strong BVOD audience they have gathered. 

“We are chasing the audience where they are because this show really plays to the 18 to 49-year-old demographic. Superfans or anyone who is interested can stream brand new episodes of the show on 10 Play, the night before they’re broadcast on Channel 10,” she said.

The Bachelors Australia

Tamara Simoneau

“A huge portion of the audience is watching this show exclusively on 10 Play, so we are leaning into providing for that core audience and also appealing to those who want to binge and not wait each week for new episodes.”

For the first time in the show’s long-running history, the program was filmed in Melbourne and Simoneau reveals that the decision to set up shop in Victoria came from the drive to try something new every season. 

“Victoria and Melbourne itself hasn’t really had a chance to shine, and this season is a real love letter to the city,” she said.

“As soon as viewers start watching, they’ll understand what I mean by ‘love letter’ and it just makes Melbourne look like the coolest spot in the world.”

Simoneau says that the thought process behind the casting of this year’s Bachelors involved having variety because someone’s prince charming is not someone else’s. 

“They are quite different from each other and we do that because we want our bachelorettes in the mansion to have choice. They’re not choosing from three similar people.”

This year, there are 24 bachelorettes entering the show and similar to the bachelors they will be competing for, they are all quite different.

“Viewers will see friendships developing amongst the girls, and also the opposite of that.

“It’s always just so interesting to put a bunch of people together in a house and see what happens, and they’re from all over the country also, as far as Perth. 

“One main thing that also sets this show apart as well as the girls apart is that they are all really invested. Like they are just real people who are looking for love, they’re not just chasing fame and followers.”

The Bachelors Australia

The new season of The Bachelors is staying fresh by fully leaning into something that baffling, has gone missing from dating shows in the past decade.

“One of the big things we have done, following on from the success of shows like Bridgerton, is really leaning into the romance aspect. You’ll find on dating shows that the romance isn’t necessarily real and the drama most times takes over, but this season the success of the true romance will be on show.”

The Bachelors Australia is produced by Warner Bros. Television Production Australia for Network 10.

The Bachelors Australia premieres on Sunday, December 3 at 7:30 pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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