The Bachelors Australia: Meet the women looking for love in 2023

the bachelors 2023

The Bachelors Australia premieres Sunday, December 3 on Channel 10

Paramount has unveiled the women on a quest for love on the next season of The Bachelors Australia. The new season premieres Sunday, December 3 at 7:30pm on Channel 10 and 10 Play.

Entering the Melbourne mansion are 24 women, all looking for a romance of a lifetime.

Swapping Queensland for Melbourne are Mining Administrator, Brea; Interior Designer, Jade; Tattoo Artist, Kristen; PR Manager, Mckenna; and Registered Nurse, Tabitha, who compares her love life to the rom-com, 27 Dresses, because “no matter how hard I’ve tried to find the one, I’m always the bridesmaid and never the bride.”

Flying cross country from Western Australia is Beauty Therapist, Ellie; and hailing from the Northern Territory is Indigenous Mentor, Mel.

Evie, a Professional Development Specialist, crosses the border from South Australia. While Evie doesn’t necessarily believe in love at first sight, she believes in a spark at first sight.

Heading down from New South Wales are Health Projects Manager, Aarthi; Nursing Student, Amelia; Hairdresser, Carla; Medical Researcher, Dana; Environmental Scientist, Holly; Category Manager, Lana; Interior Design Student, Lisa; and Pageant Queen turned Flight Attendant, Nella.

From Victoria are Property Developer, Anastasia; Business Owner, Angela; Make Up Artist, Angie; Jewellery Salesperson, Caitlin; IT Analyst, Chrystal; Marketing Specialist, Maddison; Project Manager, Natalie and Model, Yasemin. Yasemin has been a fan of The Bachelor since it first aired, saying that “I couldn’t think of a more perfect couple than Sam and Snezana. I want that kind of love, so pure and beautiful.”

The Bachelors Australia, premieres Sunday, December 3 at 7:30pm on 10 and 10 Play.

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