Telstra to acquire Globecast Australia

Telstra has announced it will acquire Globecast Australia, a leading provider of media services for broadcasters in Australasia. The acquisition is subject to ACCC review prior to completion.

Telstra group managing director global sales Martijn Blanken said the acquisition would deliver on global enterprise and the services’ strategy of developing deeper capabilities in media services for their customers in the broadcasting industry.

“Our broadcasting customers increasingly require live distribution of content from a diverse range of global content providers.

“Globecast Australia has a distinctive reputation for the delivery of media services, primarily over satellite platforms. Its strong linkages between its domestic networking capabilities and international points of media connectivity fit with our strategy of providing global media networking capabilities.”

Globecast Australia also provides direct to home satellite transmission and IPTV managed services, IP streaming and encoding, global satellite monitoring and disaster recovery. It has also developed live point-of-view miniature camera technology for use at sporting events through its Globecam business.

Globecast Australia’s CEO Simon Farnsworth said the combination of Globecast Australia and Telstra is logical for both companies.

“We’re excited by the opportunity for Globecast Australia to grow as part of Telstra. Globecast Australia remains focused on continuing our strong customer relationships and the provision of technical and operational excellence. The engagement that our customers and suppliers have enjoyed with Globecast Australia will continue.”

Source: Telstra
Globecast globally is a subsidiary of France Telecom and media investor Charles Curran’s investment company held a 37.5% stake.

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