Sydney’s Sunstar Entertainment making Jessica Watson biopic for Netflix

• Sydney’s Sunstar Entertainment will produce True Spirit, with US producer Debra Martin Chase.

Jessica Watson had the whole of Australia behind her when she sailed back into Sydney after her 210 day solo, non-stop voyage around the world. It was a moment in history most Aussies will probably never forget.

A feature film is now being developed for Netflix based on her #1 best-selling memoir, True Spirit.

The writers are Cathy Randall and Sarah Spillane. Spillane will also direct the film.

Sydney’s Sunstar Entertainment will produce True Spirit, with US producer Debra Martin Chase.

Sunstar’s directors, Shahen Mekertichian and Andrew Fraser, have worked together on this project for many years and were elated that it will finally be made into a feature film.

“The hallmark of Sunstar Entertainment has been to bring to the world audience true, inspirational, Australian-centric stories. We feel privileged to have finally found the right partner in Netflix to articulate Jessica’s incredible story authentically and without compromise. We’re really pleased to make this exciting announcement today,” said Mekertichian.

True Spirit has been Sunstar’s passion project. We have waited a long time for the stars to align and for us to feel comfortable that the right ingredients were present to do justice to Jessica’s achievement. Our partnership with Netflix will ensure Jessica’s epic story is shared with a global audience, as it deserves to. We’re really happy for Jessica too,” said Fraser.

Jessica, who is also represented by Sunstar, said: “It’s quite humbling to have Netflix bring my story to life. I hope that the film inspires people around the world to try sailing and to also pursue their own adventures. I’m thrilled that it will be directed by Sarah and supported by such a strong production team. I look forward to working with them all as a technical consultant.”

True Spirit information

Writers: Sarah Spillane and Cathy Randall
Director: Sarah Spillane (Around the Block, This Life)
Producers: Debra Martin Chase (Harriet, The Princess Diaries, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) for Martin Chase Productions and Andrew Fraser (Lion) for Sunstar Entertainment
Executive Producers: Shahen Mekertichian (Lion) for Sunstar Entertainment, Sarah Spillane

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