Sydney Radio Ratings 2021, Survey 4: Kyle and Jackie O top Ben Fordham

Sydney Radio Ratings

• Landmark day as 2GB loses breakfast leadership to KIIS 1065

Sydney Radio Ratings

• Kyle and Jackie O surge higher to 15.5% in new best-ever performance

UP: KIIS 1065 +1.0
DOWN: smoothfm 95.3 -0.8

2GB 11.8% (11.7%)

Cume: 577,000 (-44,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 14.8% (13.2%)
Best Breakfast 17.9% (14.8%)

When the results of survey 3 were released, breakfast host Ben Fordham was on the edge of being toppled from market leadership by either ABC Radio Sydney or KIIS FM 1065. The news for Fordham and the Nine Radio station is not great. While breakfast share only slipped 0.2 to 13.3%, the station has lost breakfast bragging rights as KIIS 1065 surged ahead. While morning was down marginally too, there were small rises in the afternoon and drive sessions and evening was up 1.3 to 19.1%. The station improved from #4 to #3 55-64.

smoothfm 95.3 10.0% (10.8%)

Cume: 956,000 (-101,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 10.8% (8.1%)
Best Breakfast: 8.5% (6.2%)

The long running FM winning streak for smoothfm has ended as KIIS 1065 causes mayhem here too. Shares dropped right across the day, with evening down the most at -2.4. smoothfm remains the #1 weekend FM fave. Biggest demo move was 40-54 where share dropped from 14.0% to 10.0% and its ranking fell from #1 to #3.

KIIS 1065 10.6% (9.6%)

Cume: 1,049,000 (+16,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 9.7% (8.1%)
Best Breakfast 11.3% (9.9%)

Coming off their best-ever breakfast ratings the FM market leaders Kyle and Jackie O saw their breakfast share of 12.9% in Survey 3 turn into a massive 15.5%. This means they have now posted their best-ever breakfast shares in two successive surveys after 12.9% in Survey 3. The breakfast tidal wave washed right across the station with morning and drive also up. Will and Woody are now #1 FM drive in Sydney, pushing aside smoothfm. The biggest demo move was 25-39 where share lifted 4.4 to 23.1%.

WSFM 8.3% (8.2%)

Cume: 728,000 (-37,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 8.9% (7.1%)
Best Breakfast 9.1% (7.4%)

The station overall and breakfast with Jonesy and Amanda has been in recovery mode after a disappointing start to 2021. This survey the station grew again, albeit by just 0.1. Breakfast share moved by the same amount, but in the other direction, but at 8.0% it is still #2 FM breakfast.

Nova 96.9 6.7% (6.5%)

Cume: 1,061,000 (-15,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 7.7% (6.1%)
Best Breakfast 8.0% (6.4%)

Fitzy and Wippa were ranked #4 FM breakfast as of Survey 3. That position remains despite a slip in breakfast of 0.3 to 6.4%. Nova is able to still boast the biggest 10+ audience with a cume of 1,061,000, although KIIS is closing in just 12,000 behind. Share jumped 18-24 with Nova now only narrowly behind KIIS.

104.9 Triple M 5.0% (4.9%)

Cume: 588,000 (+30,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 6.1% (4.7%)
Best Breakfast 6.0% (4.9%)

In the past couple of years Triple M with Moonman has failed to get the traction it perhaps deserved. Stripping out sport from the breakfast show didn’t see the ratings dive, but they failed to climb much either. This survey the numbers went backwards with breakfast down to 4.6%, the lowest since, well, a long time. The good news is that the station posted another cume audience lift.

104.1 2Day FM 3.3% (3.5%)

Cume: 589,000 (-90,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 5.3% (3.3%
Best Breakfast 4.2% (2.5%)

So far little sign that recent performance will change here despite the arrival of Dave Hughes with Ed and Erin. However only halfway through their first year share was steady on 3.3%.

2UE 954 3.0% (2.4%)

Cume: 165,000 (+11,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 1.2% (0.6%)
Best Breakfast 1.1% (0.3%)

After three consistent survey results, there was growth with a 3.0% share the station’s best since 2018. Breakfast with Steve Jacobs lifted too with a share of 2.1%, also the best since the first half of 2018.

Sky Sports Radio 0.7% (0.7%)

Cume: 88,000 (-1,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 0.9% (0.5%)
Best Breakfast 1.4% (0.4%)

The heritage sports radio brand in Sydney continues to have the edge over the newcomer. With Sky Sports Radio parent company Tabcorp looking to sell its media assets you wonder if there might be some consolidation in the market? This survey there was no change either in overall share or breakfast where the show again recorded 1.2%.

SEN 1170 0.6% (0.5%)

Cume: 48,000 (+6,000)

The Sydney station of the SEN Group has much better numbers from its combined digital audience where it is doing more than most to promote digital listening via its app. Meanwhile the station radio rating numbers edged up by the smallest possible margin. Breakfast with Andrew Voss was up 0.2 to 0.5. The biggest shares come from afternoons with Jimmy Smith on 0.7% and drive with Joel Caine and Bryan Fletcher on 0.9%.

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