Sydney Radio Ratings 2020: Survey 8

Sydney Radio Ratings

• GfK Survey 8, Sunday September 20 to Saturday November 28

Sydney Radio Ratings

Sydney: Ben Fordham grows share to 17.1% as 2GB ranks #1 again
Kyle and Jackie O climb and finish 2020 as #1 FM, bonus guaranteed

UP: KIIS 106.5 +1.0

2GB 13.8% (13.7%)
Cume 651,000 (+4,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 14.8% (13.2%)
Best Breakfast 19.9% (14.8%)

2GB has continued to remain solid in the post-Alan Jones era with its third survey since the major line up change at the station seeing a slight uptick. Ben Fordham‘s breakfast show is up a point which helps make up for the ground he lost in the last survey and is still the #1 breakfast show. Ray Hadley has remained steady and is still the clear #1 in the mornings. In 2GB’s other key slots Deb Knight is down 0.9 of a point in the afternoon where she is ranked equal second while Jim Wilson only saw a small decline of less than half a point in the drive slot where he is ranked #4. 2GB continues to revert back to an older demographic after the first post-Jones survey saw a younger swing, in survey 8, 40-54 is down 2.7 points while 65+ is up 3.9 points.

smoothfm 9.9% (10.8%)
Cume 1,098,000 (+14,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 10.8% (8.1%)
Best Breakfast 8.5% (6.2%)

For the fourth consecutive survey, smoothfm is the #1 FM station although the lead has diminished significantly going from 2.1 points in survey 7 to only 0.2 points in survey 8 with KIIS hot on the station’s heels. The breakfast show with Bogart Torelli and Glenn Daniel is still the #2 FM breakfast despite a drop of 0.6 of a point. smoothfm is still #1 FM in the morning, afternoon (#1 overall), drive and evening slots as it continues to dominate after breakfast. smoothfm has seen a drop off in its younger audience this survey with the station down 6.2 points in the 18-24 demographic.

KIIS 1065 9.7% (8.7%)
Cume 1,095,000 (+47,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 9.7% (8.1%)
Best Breakfast 11.3% (9.9%)

KIIS has gone up a full point as it begins to close the gap with smoothfm for the #1 FM station in Sydney. This has been helped by Kyle and Jackie O which continues to dominate FM breakfast with another survey win and going up 0.6 of a point. The success of KIIS breakfast is supported well by the national drive show Will and Woody which continues to be the #2 FM drive show behind smoothfm. The station saw a boost in most demographics particularly in 10-17 up 7.3 points and 18-24 which was up 2.8 points. 

WSFM 7.1% (8.1%)
Cume 786,000 (-3,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 8.9% (7.1%)
Best Breakfast 9.1% (7.4%)

WSFM has gone down by a point but continues to be the #3 FM radio station in Sydney. Jonesy and Amanda have clung to the #3 FM breakfast show spot with Nova right behind them by 0.1 of a point. Breakfast isn’t the only daypart down for WSFM with the usually strong performing dayparts of mornings (-1.6 points) and afternoons (-1.8 points) both declining. 40-54 continues to be the sweet spot for WSFM where it again ranks #1.

Nova 96.9 6.8% (6.1%)
Cume 969,000 (+36,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 7.7% (6.1%)
Best Breakfast 8.0% (6.4%)

Nova has gone up 0.7 of a point as Fitzy and Wippa continue to claw back from their worse result in five years which they received in survey 6, with the show increasing its share in both subsequent surveys since. KateTim and Joel have had their best result since Marty Sheargold left the show and was replaced with Joel Creasey with 9.4% which is even higher than the last survey that included the original lineup with Sheargold. 

104.9 Triple M 6.1% (5.4%)
Cume 576,000 (+65,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 6.1% (4.7%)
Best Breakfast 6.0% (4.9%)

Moonman in the Morning has stayed solid in the ratings as it remains the #5 FM breakfast show in Sydney. The morning (7.0%), afternoon (7.3%) and drive (6.7%) dayparts have been the best performers for the station. Drive with Mick Molloy and Jane Kennedy has continued to make modest gains up 0.5 of a point as it ranks #5 for the time slot. The best performing demographic for the station was 40-54 where it ranked #2 in Sydney behind only WSFM.

104.1 2Day FM 4.0 (3.4%)
Cume 657,000 (+4,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 5.3% (3.3%)
Best Breakfast 4.2% (2.5%)

2Day FM is up 0.6 of a point but is still over a point away from its pre-Covid results. The final survey for the all music breakfast led Jamie Angel was up 0.7 of a point and will be replaced by Hughesy, Ed and Erin in 2021. The rest of the results were pretty steady with the drive slot seeing the biggest increase up 1.3 points, while the biggest demographic to increase was 18-24 up 1.2 points.

2UE 954 1.2% (0.7%)
Cume 124,000 (+14,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 1.2% (0.6%)
Best Breakfast 1.1% (0.3%)

The fourth survey for the AM music brand has seen it continue to grow with its share now up to 1.2%. Breakfast with Steve Jacobs has seen a big increase almost tripling from 0.4% to 1.1%. Mornings also saw a big upswing by more than doubling to 1.8%.

Sky Sports Radio 0.9% (0.6%)
Cume 107,000 (+12,000)
2020 results: Best/worst
Best 10+ 0.9% (0.5%)
Best Breakfast 1.4% (0.4%)

Breakfast with Michael Clark and Laurie Daley continues to slowly build an audience now up to a 1.4% share coming a long way from the 0.4% share earlier this year. Most other dayparts remained steady.

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