Sunrise now programmed for 5.30am daily

Sunrise starts early and shows off new set – less is more in bright, uncluttered studio

•  Executive producer Michael Pell reveals new breakfast TV set

At 5.30am this morning Seven’s Sunrise started 30 minutes earlier than normal.

The early start also coincided with a much-hyped new set which kept the hosts so occupied there were few gags about the earlier start.

Less is more seems to be the theme of the new set. It all looks very simple, with no clutter or bright colours.

There were a few teething troubles early on, mostly caused by reflection from the small screen behind the hosts. Cameras and their operators showed up what was happening in front of the hosts while it was still dark outside.

It was when the sun rose that the new set started to sparkle with its bright colours taking over.

The first 30 minutes of the new format didn’t seem a lot different to what Nine’s Today has been delivering in its first half hour. There was a longish news bulletin and a sports update.

The news story of the morning was exclusive footage Seven had obtained from two men who were sheltering in a boat shed as it was struck by lightening.

Other highlights included exhaustive coverage of the Australian Open Men’s Final and several plugs for the launch of the new season of My Kitchen Rules including interviews with hosts Pete Evans and Manu Feidel.

New weather reporter Sam Mac was in Logan on his first day. The new host will face a different challenge set by each of the Sunrise team every day this week. Day one it was David Koch‘s turn and he set Mac the task of a bungy jump.

Former weather reporter Edwina Bartholomew has joined the Sunrise hosting team as the entertainment reporter. Her guests today included US singer and American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert.

Photo: Sunrise team Natalie Barr, Samantha Armytage, David Koch, Mark Beretta and Edwina Bartholomew

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