Subscription TV Chart Week 4, 2018

The Saturday night screening of Avatar was #5 in the top 50

James Cameron's Avatar

With only one sports entry in the chart, Foxtel viewers seemed to be turning to action movies in week 4. It’s unusual to see nine entries for movies in the top 50. Even more surprising, three of them were not on Foxtel Movies channels: two westerns on Fox Classics and The Bourne Supremacy screening Saturday night on Universal. Of the remaining six entries, three of them were for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (premiering on Sunday night, charting at #2, and repeating on Monday and Saturday nights) and two of them for James Cameron‘s Avatar on the Foxtel Movies More channel.

FOX8 dominated the top 50 with 15 entries, followed by TVH!TS with nine. Arena had the #1 show with Real Housewives of Melbourne. Arena also had the #50 show with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – but nothing in between.

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