State Of Origin: Nine’s history of big rugby league audiences

The biggest metro State Of Origin audience was 2,708,000 for game 1 in 2016.

Here is a list of the big audiences Nine and its regional broadcast partners have been attracting for the three State Of Origin matches every year since OzTAM took over management of TV ratings in 2001.

The metro audience didn’t hit 2m until game 3 in 2006.

The biggest metro State Of Origin audience was 2,708,000 for game 1 in 2016.

6/5/01State Of Origin 1st1,571,3761,571,376
10/6/01State Of Origin 2nd1,430,2051,430,205
1/7/01State Of Origin 3rd1,460,8081,460,808
22/5/02State Of Origin 1st1,679,5981,679,598
5/6/02State Of Origin 2nd1,686,5211,686,521
26/6/02State Of Origin 3rd1,995,6051,995,605
11/6/03State Of Origin 1st1,929,7201,363,1433,292,863
25/6/03State Of Origin 2nd1,741,2661,292,2193,033,485
16/7/03State Of Origin 3rd1,570,9761,152,8052,723,781
26/5/04State Of Origin 1st1,670,3451,160,1292,830,474
16/6/04State Of Origin 2nd1,833,6341,255,1703,088,804
7/7/04State Of Origin 3rd1,781,2181,284,1793,065,397
25/5/05State Of Origin 1st1,733,3631,230,2802,963,643
15/6/05State Of Origin 2nd1,757,5421,245,0043,002,546
6/7/05State Of Origin 3rd1,861,2701,236,5533,097,823
24/5/06State Of Origin 1st1,876,1721,242,5743,118,746
14/6/06State Of Origin 2nd1,644,1731,255,3372,899,510
5/7/06State Of Origin 3rd2,019,1411,300,6063,319,747
23/5/07State Of Origin 1st2,020,4031,266,6143,287,017
13/6/07State Of Origin 2nd1,961,0331,312,1003,273,133
4/7/07State Of Origin 3rd1,889,8621,107,4272,997,289
21/5/08State Of Origin 1st2,091,7681,270,2843,362,052
11/6/08State Of Origin 2nd2,083,7241,233,5693,317,293
2/7/08State Of Origin 3rd2,145,0581,260,2893,405,347
3/6/09State Of Origin 1st2,322,0751,156,3193,478,394
24/6/09State Of Origin 2nd2,134,1731,113,1203,247,293
15/7/09State Of Origin 3rd1,907,1291,049,7352,956,864
26/5/10State Of Origin 1st2,454,8801,168,5383,623,418
16/6/10State Of Origin 2nd2,160,0881,066,8403,226,928
7/7/10State Of Origin 3rd1,782,1061,063,4072,845,513
25/5/11State Of Origin 1st2,235,2341,282,8243,518,058
15/6/11State Of Origin 2nd2,158,8761,262,0733,420,949
6/7/11State Of Origin 3rd2,475,2631,311,5353,786,798
23/5/12State Of Origin 1st2,515,3211,444,8473,960,168
13/6/12State Of Origin 2nd2,498,0941,375,5733,873,667
4/7/12State Of Origin 3rd2,679,3131,360,6104,039,923
5/6/13State Of Origin 1st *2,506,6431,442,7313,949,374
26/6/13State Of Origin 2nd *2,346,3961,389,3103,735,706
17/7/13State Of Origin 3rd *2,698,5741,496,1624,194,736
28/5/14State Of Origin 1st2,616,1661,439,7674,055,933
18/6/14State Of Origin 2nd2,698,8081,460,3714,159,179
9/7/14State Of Origin 3rd2,136,8891,211,2553,348,144
27/5/15State Of Origin 1st2,459,9481,228,4453,688,393
17/6/15State Of Origin 2nd2,638,8981,296,0523,934,950
8/7/15State Of Origin 3rd2,213,8161,101,3173,315,133
1/6/16State Of Origin 1st2,708,0001,243,0003,951,000
22/6/16State Of Origin 2nd2,404,0001,143,0003,547,000
13/7/16State Of Origin 3rd2,070,000953,0003,023,000
31/5/17State Of Origin 1st2,348,0001,179,0003,527,000
21/6/17State Of Origin 2nd2,380,0001,103,0003,483,000
12/7/17State Of Origin 3rd2,488,0001,165,0003,653,000
6/6/18State Of Origin 1st2,353,0001,103,0003,456,000
24/6/18State Of Origin 2nd (Sunday)2,122,0001,057,0003,179,000
11/7/18State Of Origin 3rd1,774,000909,0002,683,000

Source: Nine Network/OzTAM

*On GEM in Perth in 2013

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