Zooper Dooper blasts into space with Starcom Australia and SCA

Starcom and SCA - Zooper Dooper

The launch will take place on December 1 and will be broadcast by SCA’s Hit Network across radio

Starcom Australia and SCA have teamed up with Zooper Dooper to take the brand’s new Space Freeze no-sugar product into space.

The launch, which will take place on Zooper Dooper Day – the first day of summer (1 December) – will see a pack of unfrozen Zooper Doopers propelled into the sky to see the height at which they freeze.

It will be broadcast by SCA’s Hit Network across radio, social media and the LiSTNR digital audio app.

In the weeks prior, radio host and comedian Tommy Little of Hit’s national Carrie & Tommy Drive show will be ‘training’ the pack of Zooper Doopers on air to ensure they are ready for their space odyssey. He will also be sharing in the action of blast off day, providing commentary for Hit Network listeners. 

Listeners will be invited to visit the Zooper Dooper Space Freeze website throughout November to participate in a competition to guess the exact height at which the ice poles will freeze. Those who enter will go into the running to win $10,000 and a one-year supply of Zooper Dooper Space Freeze no sugar, with the winner to be announced live on air on the Carrie & Tommy show.

Jennifer Perry, Zooper Dooper marketing manager, said: “We’re so excited to celebrate Zooper Dooper’s newest no sugar product – Space Freeze – by sending it to space to see what height it freezes! Having this launch take place on Zooper Dooper Day is perfect timing as Aussies have just begun gearing up for the warmer months ahead and can get their hands on their beloved summer treats.”

Marcus Morris, Starcom Australia client service director, said: “Zooper Dooper has long been an iconic part of the Australian summer. We are delighted to be able to partner with SCA to create hype and excitement around the Zooper Dooper brand on a national scale in the lead-up to National Zooper Dooper Day, delivering something quite literally out of this world.” 

Victoria Young, SCA Melbourne head of radio sales, said: “This was a Zooper Dooper fun activation to be a part of. Our Hit audience is a perfect fit for the Zooper Dooper consumer and Carrie & Tommy will bring their unique take and humour to the competition to engage their large national audience, with the added bonus of the winner being announced on air!”

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