SPA disappointed at FTA threats of halting children’s TV production

• Screen Producers Australia (SPA) CEO Matthew Deaner comments

Screen Producers Australia (SPA) CEO Matthew Deaner has shared his dismay at Seven West Media‘s statements that it will halt production on children’s content from next year:

“Children’s content plays a critical role in the production and viewing ecosystem,” said Deaner.

“Australian parents have a right to freely access quality Australian content specifically designed for the needs of their children across trusted brands such as Seven, Nine and 10. A move by any of these broadcasters to try and evade their obligations or pressure Government and the broader industry is disappointing.”

Addressing the commercial free-to-air broadcasters’ concerns about lower audiences for children’s content, Deaner added:

“In an age of abundance where so much content is available to everyone, everywhere, first run broadcast numbers for all types of content are in decline. However, well made and well marketed children’s content in particular has a lengthy currency with strong second and third run repeat audiences and alternate and online platforms, not to mention international sales in hundreds of foreign territories. A thoughtless removal of quotas would act as a reward to what has been a steady decline in investments, promotion and marketing of quality Australian children’s content and destroy so much of the ecology of the sector.”

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