Southern Cross Austereo launches digital audio ad initiatives

• New mood and activity audience targeting utilises SCA’s and SoundCloud’s first party data and insights

The company might be in a trading halt as it navigates the impact of COVID-19, but it is business as usual as much as possible.

This week Southern Cross Austereo (SCA) has announced two digital audio advertising initiatives to help brands find and engage audiences.

New mood and activity audience targeting utilises SCA’s and SoundCloud’s first party data and insights to identify listeners’ key habits and interests, targeting them during particular mood-states and activities. At launch the offering includes chill out, wanderlust, work out, night out and dinner party mood-states.

SCA National head of sales Nikki Rooke said: “This mood targeting product gives advertisers the opportunity to target with contextual relevance as well as apply best practice creative scenarios to each. The Studio at SCA and SoundVibes’ creative treatment ensures messaging is on point for the listening occasion and able to deliver optimum attention and engagement.”

In addition to the new audience targeting solution, SCA has also announced interactive audio ads with shakable and voice activated listener responses. The ShakeMe mobile-only format enables a listener to shake their phone or use a voice command to respond to a call to action such as: “shake your phone to” either open a website, download a voucher or call now.

SCA head of digital commercial Jonathan Mandel said: “As digital audio continues to grow at a rapid rate, it’s critical that we continue to innovate and offer brands best in class technology to achieve their campaign objectives. ShakeMe audio ads provide an all-new way for brands to engage with our audience and drive a call to action by shaking their phone when the ad plays. To date, our test advertisers have seen interaction rates more than 10 times a typical click through rate.”

Mood targeting is available across InStream, SoundCloud and catch up radio, ShakeMe is available on iOS and Android through SCA’s InStream, while voice-activation is in beta looking to launch later in the year.

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