Sony Music launches Viva la Vinyl revival

Sony launches vinyl revival campaign along with classic Aussie albums

Sony Music Entertainment Australia has announced Viva la Vinyl – a new campaign and interactive platform celebrating the resurgence of vinyl.

Sony Music’s musical catalogue features many legendary artists and albums including Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen, AC/DC, Midnight Oil, Rage Against the Machine, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley, Wu Tang Clan and more.

Viva la Vinyl is a multiphased campaign developed with award-winning creative agency Bonsta and production house //Thirteen & Co. The campaign creative encourages young music lovers to continue embracing the essence of vinyl, while simultaneously reigniting a sense of nostalgia for all ages.

The first phase of the campaign includes TVCs and supporting digital content pieces, utilising soundtracks from Sony Music’s catalogue. is the campaign hub, which will provide content to inspire, aimed to encourage consumers to embrace the format and build their collections.

The content hub doubles as an e-commerce platform, allowing consumers direct access to purchase titles from Sony Music Australia’s diverse catalogue.

Denis Handlin AO, Chairman & CEO Australia & New Zealand and President, Asia, said, “It is an exciting time for the music industry with significant growth returning to the market. This growth is not only driven by an increase in digital sales but has also seen a resurgence in demand for vinyl albums, which when I started in the industry in the 1970s was of course the major format. Sony Music Australia is delighted to bring this wonderful range of titles through Viva La Vinyl to both passionate young music fans to discover these great artists and to long-time fans who have enjoyed these albums as the sound track of their lives.”

Director of the campaign Pete Moore said, “Music is heavily emotive, it makes us feel and imagine. That’s why I think vinyl can take you to another place. With this resurgence or revolution of vinyl we want to share that analogue experience of music, that when you drop that needle down and the music and vibrations envelope you, it takes you away. It communicates those stories of artists in a pure listening experience like no other.”

//Thirteen & Co executive producer Roy De Giorgio adds, “Pete Moore continues to evolve his aesthetic. This work perfectly captures the zeitgeist of a time when music ruled and could change the world”

Nick Bonney, creative director, Bonsta, added, “Whether it’s actually being able to hold the record, hearing the warm crackle as you place the needle down, or just taking in the stunning albums that are artworks in their own right, there’s something wonderfully intimate about vinyl that makes the whole listening experience… more of an experience. I think Pete has done an amazing job at capturing that.”

Viva la Vinyl is embracing the organic growth of vinyl sales and its re-introduction in to popular culture. Figures from the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) released earlier this year showed $15.1 million worth of vinyl was sold across the country last year, up 70% on the previous year.

Sony Music is featuring vinyl releases from AC/DC, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Jeff Buckley, Michael Jackson, Midnight Oil, Pink Floyd, Rage Against The Machine, The Clash and Wu Tang Clan.

Featured Australian vinyl re-releases include:

• Daddy Cool: Daddy Who?
• Daryl Braithwaite: Edge
• John Farnham: Age of Reason
• John Farnham: Chain Reaction
• John Schumann: Etched in Blue
• Matt Finish: Short Note
• Mi Sex: Graffiti Crimes
• Pete Murray: Feeler
• Rat Cat: Blind Love
• Red Gum: Caught in the Act

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