Smart TV is Smart Business: MiQ ANZ CEO Jason Scott talks deal with Samba TV

• The partnership will allow MiQ clients to tap into over 100,000 Australian smart TV households.

MiQ, a global programmatic media partner, and Samba TV, a provider of cross-screen television insights and analytics have announced a partnership to leverage TV consumption insights across the largest Smart TV dataset in Australia.

The partnership will allow their clients to tap into opted-in TV viewership data from over 100,000 Australian smart TV households.

Mediaweek spoke with Jason Scott  – the MiQ ANZ CEO – about the partnership and what it means for media buyers in Australia.

“We believe in the world of media the future is going to be personalised, tech-enabled, and data-enhanced which means programmatic tools and tactics are front and centre in relation to media planning and buying. The question on our mind is how do we help fuel the evolution of the pragmatic landscape.”

Samba TV’s viewership data utilises proprietary and privacy-compliant automatic content recognition technology which Scott says will help MiQ get into a really attractive market in terms of television in Australia.

“We have precedent with a similar product in the USA which generates revenue by itself as a product in a pretty buoyant market with the same macro trends as Australia.”

“There’s not many companies in this part of the world that can offer the same services, and we have been working with these guys for a long time. From our perspective, they were the obvious choice.”

The product will allow marketers to have data to help them improve the amplification of their TV investments and to build stronger segmentation for programmatic targeting. Marketers can also use this data to optimise their TV investments and to improve campaign outcomes by retargeting second-screen devices with complimentary ads.

“This data is pretty unique in the sense that people’s viewing habits have changed which has created a lot of challenges in spending your clients’ dollars well.”

“The data boom has created a demand for specialists which is the area that we can really help. Culturally it is a big challenge for marketing companies to hire a different skill set.”

So far only phase one of the product has been launched. Scott discussed with Mediaweek what to expect in the next phase.

“Phase two gives us the data builds and will open up opportunities for marketers to tap into our expertise in connecting the viewership insights into the first-party data sets or third-party audiences. The quest here is to increasingly build out the product so it is delivering more sophisticated audience insights that fuel programmatic activation.”

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