TV Guide: Sky News to premiere exclusive interview with Kylie Moore-Gilbert on March 9

kylie moore-gilbert

• Dr. Kylie Moore-Gilbert’s 804 days behind bars included seven months in solitary confinement.

Tonight at 7pm AEDT, Sky News Australia premieres an exclusive interview with Kylie Moore-Gilbert, the Australian academic convicted and imprisoned in Iran for spying.

In this television event hosted by journalist and interviewer Melissa Doyle, Kylie shares her story of survival for the first time.

In September 2018, Dr. Kylie Moore-Gilbert had checked in to her flight home to Australia when she was arrested by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Convicted of spying and sentenced to serve 10 years on espionage charges, she spent more than two years fighting for her freedom. Her 804 days behind bars included seven months in solitary confinement.

During the one-hour exclusive interview, nothing is off-limits. Is Kylie Moore-Gilbert a spy? How did she survive her ordeal? What really happened behind the scenes to secure her release? How is she coping with the heartbreak of discovering her husband had an affair with one of her colleagues while she was in prison? And what will she do now she is free?

Speaking to Mediaweek about the interview, Melissa Doyle said: “My priority was to ask her questions and find out what happened, what it was like spending 804 days in an Iran prison? Why was she there? Is she a spy? Why did she go through what she went through? And get to the bottom of it.

“We treated it in the way she wanted it told, this woman’s been through hell and the last thing that we would want to do is for her to be further traumatised by doing an interview. I was very careful in how I asked certain questions but there was nothing off-limits. I feel like it was quite cathartic to talk about it all to somebody.”

Watch the trailer here.

Escape From Iran: Kylie Moore-Gilbert premieres tonight 7pm AEDT exclusive to Sky News. Watch on Sky News on Foxtel and Sky News on WIN.

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