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Sky News Australia is promising viewers a front row seat to one of the most significant US Presidential Elections in history as Americans cast their vote this Wednesday 4 November (Australian time).

US Election Day Live coverage will feature an experienced team of Sky News Australia reporters, commentators and political analysts providing around-the-clock analysis live from the US.

From 5:00am Peter Stefanovic will be live from Washington DC for US Election Day Live: First Edition, in the final hours before the polls close.

Political reporter Annelise Nielsen will report live from Joe Biden’s headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware for all the results as they break, state by state.

Then from 9:00am chief news anchor Kieran Gilbert will lead key events of this history-defining election joined by political reporter Tom Connell during US Election Day Live.

The team will lead eight hours of live rolling coverage joined by expert panellists throughout the day. They will provide viewers with unrivalled coverage as viewers find out if Americans choose Republican incumbent Donald Trump or Democrat challenger Joe Biden to become the President of the United States.

Joining Gilbert will be Sky News anchor Chris Kenny live from Washington DC, Australian political strategist Bruce Hawker and Rosalynn Carter‘s former press officer Barbara Heineback as the polls close across the United States.

At 11:00am Sky News anchor and political reporter Ashleigh Gillon joins Gilbert along with Sky News contributors Stephen Conroy and Michael Kroger, together with Outsiders anchors Rita Panahi and James Morrow who will be live from New York.

From 1:00pm Sky News commentators Rowan Dean and Graham Richardson will join the panel, crossing live to The Daily Telegraph’s Miranda Devine in New York.

Sky News anchor Paul Murray, business editor Ticky Fullerton and political editor Andrew Clennell will join Gilbert from 3:00pm.

Sky News US political contributor Joe Hockey will be live throughout the coverage from Washington DC.

At 5:00pm Chris Kenny will host a special edition of The Kenny Report. Kenny will be live from the US providing a grassroots view of the real issues and real people who will decide the future of the US.

Then at 6:00pm Peta Credlin will anchor a special edition of Credlin. Joined by a variety of political insiders, Credlin and her guests will dissect what the result of a Trump or Biden victory means for Australia.

Andrew Bolt will provide analysis from 7:00pm on The Bolt Report, as he shares his perspective on the US Election as America decides who their leader is.

At 8:00pm Alan Jones will dissect the day’s events. Jones will share his take on the US Election and the fallout from the high drama day.

Then at 9:00pm Paul Murray anchors a two-hour US Election Day special of Paul Murray Live. The host will be joined by a panel of special guests and will also give viewers the opportunity to share their verdict on the US Election in Better Call Paul.

At 11:00pm a special edition of Outsiders will be broadcast with Rowan Dean joining Rita Panahi and James Morrow who will be live in New York City.

At 12:00am Peter Gleeson anchors The Front Page looking at how the media is reporting on the monumental election. Gleeson will provide viewers with a first look at all the newspaper headlines from around the nation and across the world as the mastheads react to the US Election.

Sky News Australia’s broadcast of US Election Day Live will also be available live to Sky News on WIN regional viewers from 9:00am AEDT.

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US Election Day Live can be streamed by Foxtel subscribers on Foxtel Go, or international viewers at

Sky News is also simulcast on Sky News on iHeartRadio.

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