Simon Owens reveals new 3AW deal: “I would have sacked me!”

• After nearly 25 years he will now just contribute to that late night timeslot once a week

Simon Owens, the co-host of 3AW’s Sunday night Remember When program with Philip Brady has revealed he is no longer with the network. Not fulltime anyway.

After nearly 25 years he will now just contribute to that late night timeslot once a week, with episode 803 going to air last night at 10pm. Owens was previously the driving force on and off air on the long-running 8pm to midnight 3AW ratings juggernaut Nightline. The program ended in September last year.

Simon Owens in 3AW’s Hall of Fame

“I was a fulltime employee of 3AW until today,” Owens said on Friday. “They cottoned on to it that I don’t actually do anything for the rest of the week. There are certainly no hard feelings, I would have sacked me nine months ago.

“During the week I am now free to explore other opportunities,” added Owens in a pitch to potential employees in a video he posted to social media. Owens noted after so long with one company he is unsure of how to apply for another job. He said his attributes include hard work and a sense of humour.

Helping him pitch for another job were some of his colleagues from 3AW who also appeared in the video. They included producers Kate Stevenson and Mikkayla Mossop from 3AW breakfast, Luca Gonaro from drive and Kirsten Lim-How from afternoons. There was even an appearance from the breakfast show’s Mark “Scorcher” Davidson. Breakfast co-host Ross Stevenson called Owens “a smashing bloke”.

If you have a job for the talented allrounder reach out to him on Facebook, simonomelb.

Top Photo: Simon Owens (right) with Philip Brady and Heidi Victoria

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