Suncorp, Telstra & Rebel named in shEqual’s 2023 top picks for gender equality in advertising

shEqual 2023 best ads gender equality - Stella Insurance It Takes Boobs - 20 Dec

Shequal commended these campaigns for their commitment to promoting gender equality, challenging stereotypes, and fostering inclusivity in advertising.

shEqual, the advertising equality body, has launched a round-up of the year’s best ads that showcased gender equality with Suncorp, Telstra, Dairy Farmers and Rebel Sports among the top picks.

shEqual, which aims to advance gender equality by increasing awareness among industry professionals about the portrayal of women in advertising, creates a monthly round-up to recognise the ads that showcased equality – and the ones that hindered it.

Shequal said: “The end of the year is the perfect time to celebrate the ones that dismantled stereotypes, pushed boundaries and represented real people. Well done to everyone who worked on the ads below, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.”

Bucking traditional norms, Bras n Things emerged with a lingerie campaign that focused on women’s faces rather than conforming to sexualised depictions. Rejecting rigid poses designed for the male gaze, the campaign presents lingerie as a product designed for women, aligning it with their lives rather than marketing it as an avenue for self-improvement.

ATOMOS focussed on the representation of female directors, camera operators, and content creators, effortlessly normalising the presence of women in these roles without overt celebration. The campaign also showcased the diversity within the industry, featuring older women and LGBTQIA+ weddings.

Leo Burnett’s “If your home could talk” for Suncorp offered a nuanced and progressive narrative, challenging gender stereotypes in parental roles. The campaign’s storytelling and diverse portrayals of families, individuals, and age groups contribute to its relatability and inclusivity.

Stella Insurance continued its trajectory of breaking stereotypes with “It Takes Boobs,” celebrating women’s courage across various facets of life. The campaign authentically represents the lives, bodies, and experiences of real women, sending a powerful message that resonates beyond societal expectations.

Telstra’s “This is Footy Country,” crafted by The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song, depicted a community united in a game of finals footy, showcasing diversity that transcends traditional gender roles. The inclusion of a priest and female mechanic likely sought to reinforce the notion of footy clubs as integral to community life for everyone.

Dairy Farmers “Made for Moments Like These” offered a poignant portrayal of male relationships, challenging cultural expectations by showcasing vulnerability and genuine connection. The ad contributes to the broader societal goal of preventing violence against women by reshaping perceptions of male friendships.

Rebels Sport is a Gift campaign defied the “model mother” stereotype, portraying a working mom finding joy in running. The narrative authentically depicted the struggles of a working mother, providing a refreshing perspective that is far more likely to resonate with most women.

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