Seven loses another key WA executive: COO Alan Clyne

Seven West Media

There has been significant movement among staff at Seven WA

Seven West Media has confirmed the departure of the chief operating officer of the West Australian business, Alan Clyne.

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Although no reason has been forthcoming as to the departure, it was indicated to Mediaweek this morning he departs with the company’s best wishes.

Just last October Clyne was promoted from his role of chief executive officer at Perth’s Community Newspaper Group to his new position as COO of Seven West Media WA.

There has been significant movement amongst all levels of staff at Seven West Media in Perth in the past few months. There was considerable change following the acquisition of The Sunday Times by the publisher as the newsrooms of that paper and The West Australian were integrated.

Then later in the year it was revealed that both CEO Chris Wharton and his CFO Mark Shelton were to leave the company. Wharton initially went on extended leave, but later retired from the business in March this year.

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