Seven’s striptease special The Real Full Monty returning in 2019 with a twist

The premiere of The Real Full Monty was watched by nearly 2 million.

Following its success last week, Seven has announced the return of cheeky strip special The Real Full Monty – but with a twist.

• Seven’s Brian Taylor on getting nude in Sunday’s The Real Full Monty

The Real Full Monty: Ladies’ Night is Seven’s sister commission to The Real Full Monty, and will see eight female celebrities pull together a showstopping performance to raise awareness for women’s health.

The premiere of The Real Full Monty on July 19 was watched by over 1.9 million Australians, and was the top rating non-news show of the night.

Shane Jacobson, Campbell Brown, Matt Cooper, Brendan “Jonesy” JonesJett Kenny, Sam Mac, Kris Smith and Brian “BT” Taylor performed the iconic strip tease from 1997 20th Century Fox classic The Full Monty in front of a packed Sydney theatre audience.

Mediaweek’s James Manning spoke with AFL legend and Seven commentator Brian Taylor ahead of the show’s premiere. Read the interview here: 

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