Seven and LiveRamp expand partnership to enhance ad revenues

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“ATS further adds to our evolving data solutions, underpinned by our omnichannel approach to better understanding audiences”

Seven West Media and LiveRamp have expanded their four-year-long partnership, with SWM becoming the first major media organisation in Australia to implement LiveRamp’s Authenticated Traffic Solution (ATS).

SWM said its adoption of ATS will enhance its addressable and programmatic marketing across all its channels, including display, mobile and connected TV (CTV), without relying on third-party cookies or device-based identifiers, representing a milestone among publishers in Australia.

ATS allows publishers to match authenticated user data with LiveRamp’s people-based identifier, enabling end-to-end addressability.

Nicole Bence, network digital sales director at Seven West Media, commented, “Following the launch of our customer data platform, 7REDiQ, ATS further adds to our evolving data solutions, underpinned by our omnichannel approach to better understanding audiences across SWM properties, including 7plus,, and The West Australian’s digital platform”

ATS will sit within the 7PlugnPlay product suite which is focused on enabling marketers to combine their first-party data, along with SWM’s, to reach consumers with precision across cookieless inventory on desktop, including Firefox and Safari, mobile (web and in-app), and CTV.

Not only will this help SWM unlock the true value of previously non-addressable environments and inventory, but it will allow brands and partners to reach our expansive digital audience at a true people-based level across all channels, including connected TV,” said Bence.

“Implementing ATS supports our ongoing commitment to offering brands and consumers a personalized and more transparent experience whilst still providing all parties greater control,” she added.

Melanie Hoptman, COO, ANZ at LiveRamp said the company worked hand-in-hand with SWM to help the media organisation pioneer a new era that will soon impact Australia’s entire digital marketing sector.

“With the deprecation of third-party cookies and evolving restrictions at the device-level, the industry is unquestionably moving towards a more consumer-centric future. Publishers and brands that prioritise flexible strategies that can adapt to the changing landscape will be at the forefront of this change and will be able to achieve better business continuity,” she said.

“SWM’s migration to an open, independent, and collaborative ecosystem enables it to capitalise on the already strong relationships it maintains across its consumer base. With the addition of ATS to its tech stack, SWM will be able to attract more advertising dollars, recognise new revenue streams and, most importantly, not just preserve, but enhance the three-way value exchange with readers and viewers, as well as advertisers,” said Hoptman.

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