Screen Australia announces over $1.2m in enterprise funding

• LA-based journalist & podcaster Jenny Cooney joins Bunya Productions

Screen Australia has announced funding for seven Enterprise Business & Ideas and 12 Enterprise People proposals, which will share in a total pool of over $1.2 million for sector and talent development.

The recipients of Business & Ideas include Bunya Productions, the production company behind award-winning film Sweet Country and television series Mystery Road, which has received funding to build a talent development network, build Australian IP and extend the profile of their work overseas.

Also receiving funding are comedy group Aunty Donna (Glennridge Secondary College) for their production company Haven’t You Done Well Productions, which aims to assist online creatives to develop and produce comedy projects, and educate creators to ensure they retain the ownership of their own projects.

Screen Australia’s Head of Development, Nerida Moore said: “We were blown away with Bunya Productions’ innovative proposal. Bunya has a strong track record of creating stories for and about Australia that have also gained traction internationally. It’s exciting to see them looking at how they can capitalise on their IP and strengthen their networks to take the business to a new level. We’re also pleased to see Aunty Donna, off the back of their own success, help emerging talent carve out a niche and make informed business decisions.”

CEO of Bunya Productions, Sophia Zachariou said: “The Bunya Group is thrilled to be the first recipient of the new Screen Australia Business & Ideas Enterprise funding. The timing could not be better as we focus our attention on the international market and opportunities now available as well as expanding the Bunya Talent Hub into other states. Talent development has always been at the heart of the company and with this support, Bunya aim to be one of Australia’s most impactful, contemporary and dynamic production companies with diversity at its core.”


Bunya Productions will establish talent development incubators in Queensland and South Australia; capitalise on existing and build new IP; hire a Development and Production Executive and a Distribution and IP Expansion consultant; and enhance their digital marketing to increase online engagement. They will also increase their international profile through a representative in LA, bringing on Jenny Cooney as Executive VP, Bunya Productions LA.


Haven’t You Done Well Productions, the production arm of successful comedy group Aunty Donna, will develop a strategic plan for their business model to be able to shepherd other creators in the online space and across other platforms. They aim to assist new creatives to develop and produce distinctive Australian comedy projects and ensure that the ownership of a project is retained by the original creator. The company will be mentored by comedian and producer Andy Lee. 

Haven’t You Done Well Productions

The Cinematic Company will create an organisational strategy for their business which produces film screenings accompanied by live performances by acclaimed orchestras. Building on the success of feature documentary Mountain which screened with a live performance from the Australian Chamber Orchestra, the company aims to use this formula and propel the business model by building a library of films and utilising an international circuit of orchestras.

Mememe Productions, creators of award-winning children’s television series dirtgirlworld, will develop a business plan to help them expand their IP. The company aims to build the dirtgirlworld story-verse and evolve it into long-form animated family feature films, as well as explore opportunities for exporting their projects as international formats that can be localised to different areas.

Media Reconciliation Industry Network Group (RING) will undertake strategic planning and develop a sustainable business model, including diversifying their financial support. They will develop means of providing services for industry members to implement best practice Indigenous engagement policies; provide culturally safe working environments for Indigenous media practitioners; and assist with the practical aspects of Indigenous industry placements.

Experienced colourist Angela Cerasi will engage marketing specialist Roxanne Grey and work with industry mentor Enzo Tedeschi to develop a sustainable model for her business Peachy Keen Colour. This will assist her in developing and engaging new regional colourist talent and work with more Australian and international content creators.

Southern Pictures will develop a strategic plan for their new offshoot, Southern Impact. Under this new arm they aim to curate and commission short-form documentary content that can be used by client organisations to communicate their social impact campaigns and drive social change.

Top Photo: Bunya Productions’ Greer Simpkin and David Jowsey with Aaron Pedersen on the set of Mystery Road

For further details go to Screen Australia.

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