SBS cuts The Feed from daily edition to one hour weekly

The program is also adding musical performances to the one-hour weekly show.

When The Feed returns to the SBS schedule on February 14 it will be as a one-hour edition, which is replacing the daily half hour program.

The broadcaster says The Feed remains focused on issues-based reporting delivered from a younger perspective and presented by Australia’s most diverse prime time television news team: Marc Fennell, Jan Fran, Laura Murphy-Oates, Patrick Abboud, Michael Hing and Marty Smiley.

A daily reactive team of journalists, digital producers, presenters and comedians will also create content tailored to social platforms and digital audiences.

Reflecting on six years of The Feed, SBS director of news and current affairs, Jim Carroll, said:

The Feed is always breaking new ground. Moving to a weekly one-hour television format on SBS Viceland and with an encore on SBS, the program is committing more resources to ensure its content reaches digital audiences with greater immediacy and when they most want it.

“The team is putting enormous time and energy into the relaunch, and we’re really excited about what they’ll be offering our television and digital audiences in 2019.”

The Walkley Award-winning program will also step up its investigative journalism game in 2019 with more in-depth investigations and stories highlighting Australia’s diversity than ever before, allowing the series to dig deeper and advance the news agenda.

Comedy segments from Michael Hing, Cameron James, Alex Lee plus Jenna Owen and Victoria Zerbst will remain part of the format.

The program is also adding musical performances to the one-hour weekly show.

The Feed is led by executive producer Mike Clay and supervising producer Claire Aird.

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