Samsung Ads Behind the Screens: The evolving TV landscape with Cathy Oh

behind the screens

Mediaweek is launching a new video series with Samsung Ads

This month, Mediaweek and Samsung Ads are launching a new video series called Behind the Screens.

The five-part shortform series presents interviews conducted by Mediaweek editor-in-chief James Manning.

Each episode features a key player in the TV sector who shares insights about the latest trends in the sector from changing viewing habits to advertising business models. The guests have been brought together to discuss challenges, opportunities and the transformation that of the TV landscape.

Behind the Screens is launching with Cathy Oh from Samsung Ads.

Guests across the rest of the series also feature executives from Nine, Seven, Paramount ANZ, Foxtel Media, the IAB and GroupM.

Samsung Ads is Advanced TV advertising. Its smart TV advertising solutions are built on data from millions of Smart TVs in Australia.

In this first episode Cathy Oh, VP & global head of marketing, Samsung Ads speaks about how technology is driving viewing behaviours, the future of connected TV advertising and key questions for marketers.

Here are some highlights from her interview with James Manning:

What is Samsung Ads?

CO: “Samsung ads is built upon the idea that we are redefining the events TV landscape. When we first started, we were excited about the data that we get from millions of TVs that we have in the US alone.

“We are able to now see the user behavior that’s happening on those screens. We recently announced that we are reimagining what a screen can do. When you think about that statement, it’s not just about the TVs alone. It is also about the billions of phones out there, and about the streaming that we’re doing across gaming, as well as our fast or free ad supported streaming TV platforms. It’s really exciting to see what we can offer not just to consumers alone, but to advertisers as well.”

TV consumers have been changing habits in recent years. Where are they currently on the journey?

CO: “Streaming has been surging, but now we are seeing a shift from ad-free platforms to fast or free ad supported streaming TV platforms. One of the things that we’re really excited about is that on Samsung TV Plus, which is our number one fast platform, we have seen over 3 billion hours viewed.

“That’s not based on just the ability of being able to access content easily and for free. It’s also because there’s premium content that’s now being served on different services. I do see that there is more of a welcome from consumers to have that trade off for ads that are going to be in a streaming platform for the content that they’re viewing. Because of that brands have an opportunity now to reach users beyond linear channels.”

Are marketers seeing the opportunity in connected TV?

CO: “I would say absolutely, yes. But I think there’s a lot more for us to do in terms of providing education, as well as proof points in terms of what marketers can do to drive performance through CTV.

“There’s this misconception that CTV is only used for a subset of audience and the fact we hear at Samsung Ads can serve not just scale, but also precision.

“One of the things that marketers can look at is how to maximise. Imagine, for example, you have a linear ad that’s running. There’s a lot of folks who may have missed that ad. So now you have an opportunity through Connected TV to be able to identify those viewers who have not seen it, and be able to serve them in a different exposure in a different space.

“What I find really interesting now is that across 13 additional verticals such as auto, retail CPG, we’re finding that outcome based or performance-based solutions are absolutely doable in the CTP space.”

Are there any myths about Connected TV?

CO: “There’s two that really come to mind. First is that CTV ads are the same as linear. In fact they are not, they’re actually more innovative. They’re more creative, and more dynamic. Another one is that Total TV is actually just linear and BVOD really. When you think about the growth of streaming, you are missing an entire audience if your dollars are only going to be spent in linear TV. Thinking about how to capture a streaming audience, not only throughout the day, but also based on programming and different types of lifestyle, is critically important.”

What is the Connected TV audience?

CO: “We are seeing that on our number one FAST service Samsung TV Plus, it’s not actually the younger demographics you’d expect. We’re talking about adults 30 to 55+. We are seeing that not only is it reaching a mid to older generation, but the time spent on our Samsung TV Plus platform, whether it’s some of their favorite channels or news or premium content, is several hours throughout the day. That is showing that it’s a preferred platform of choice.”

What are your priorities for the remainder of 2023?

CO: “I am personally very excited by digital out of home. It’s an opportunity for us to reach consumers that are outside of the living room. We’re looking at it as not only the home TV, the mobile, which is in the hand but also beyond the home itself. Reaching audiences as they’re shopping, as they are in retail, in stores, and being able to promote different brands. That is going to be positive and supportive for the consumer process.”

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