Instagram Australia launches report for brands to understand why consumers love short form video

Instagram Report

“This report gives brands the insights and confidence to get started in creating short form video.”

Instagram Australia has launched the Shift to Short Report, a guide for brands to understand why consumers love short-form video (SFV). 

The report also outlines what makes Reels across Meta’s platforms unique, and contains tips from users about how they want to see brands communicate with them via SFV. 

The report found that Aussies watch SFV often, with more than 63% of Australians watching SFV weekly. The research also found that users loved SFV because of the stackable content that allowed them to absorb more information into their viewing, but also provided a strong entertainment value with 86% of users saying they watch SFV to be entertained. 

Across Meta’s platforms globally, people reshare Reels over 2 billion times a day, doubling over the last six months. The report also revealed:

Reels help people connect: 59% of Australian users say they feel connected to the world when watching Reels.
Reels inspire action: 74% of Australian users purchased a product/service after watching Instagram Reels, while 95% of Australian users have shared an Instagram Reel with family or friends. 
Reels get brands closer to consumers: 86% of Australian users followed a business after seeing Instagram Reels, and 60% Australian users messaged a business after watching Instagram Reels.

The Shift to Short Report draws on data from a global study conducted by Factworks and an Australian study with the Hoop Group. The report was commissioned by Meta Australia to delve into the experiences that Australians have when engaging with SFV. 

Helen Black, head of connection planning, Meta ANZ says: “We know Aussies love short form video, and it’s really changed the way that people engage with their friends, families, and businesses online. Reels is the fastest-growing format across Meta’s family of apps, and we’re seeing that Reels is a rich and growing creative canvas, where brands can turn attention into action. This report explores why Australian users are watching short form video in droves, and gives brands the insights and confidence to get started in creating short form video.”

Thomas Hutley, managing director, OMG Content says: “There is a lot that we can learn from creators on the type of content they are developing for their communities. In the ongoing battle for consumers’ attention and engagement, brands need to stand out more than ever, and remaining authentic and relatable is now a non negotiable. Creators have been leading the way in the development of engaging short form video (SFV), driving this trend towards content that entertains, yet ephemeral in nature. I believe there is a huge opportunity for brands to be more purposeful in the content they are developing, taking on board some of the learnings that have driven the significant growth in Reels, driving stronger connection and ad effectiveness.”

The full report is available now.

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