Samsung Ads announces expansion into South East Asia

Alex Spurzem

Alex Spurzem: “Connected TV penetration is above 50 percent in several key markets across Southeast Asia”

Samsung Ads has expanded its reach to South East Asia which will provide native advertising solutions across millions of Samsung-powered Smart TVs.

The advertising division of Samsung Electronics is now operating in Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

The move means that native ad formats can now be integrated into the Samsung Smart TV experience, which allows marketers to leverage Samsung Ads’ first-party device data for greater targeting, measurability and insights.

Samsung Ads

Samsung Ads

Samsung’s smart TV advertising solutions are derived from TV data generated from millions of Smart TVs across Southeast Asia. Samsung Ads was launched in the US in 2015  now operates in North and Latin America, Europe, South Korea, ANZ, SEA and India. 

Alex Spurzem, Managing Director of Samsung ANZ & SEA, says, “Connected TV penetration is above 50 percent in several key markets across Southeast Asia. By bringing our native advertising solutions to market, brands and advertisers can now reach households as soon as they turn their TV on.”

Earlier this year, Mediaweek caught up with Spurzem at the Advertising Week APAC. We asked him about his thoughts on Advertising Week and what brought him to the event.

“It’s always the people for sure,” Spurzem said. “It’s like you’re meeting your friends and family and bumping into people and catching up. The networking is the main event.”

Alex Spurzem

Spurzem said that the highlight for him during the event was he felt there was a great mix of topics, both local and global. He described Ad Week in three words: “Must Have Event.”

“The event is always a good bellwether for the trends in the industry and the topics that people are concerned about. So I suppose the overall mix is my highlight.”


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