Samsung Ads Behind The Screens: Alex McLean on the benefits of AI

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“Don’t let the tech wag the dog”

Advertising Week APAC saw flocks of media, agency and adverting industry folk make the trip to Sydney’s Luna Park earlier this month. Mediaweek was on the ground, covering the event alongside Samsung Ads, and speaking to some of the event’s major players.

Mediaweek spoke with Alex McLean, general manager of BMW marketing, about the benefits of AI in the industry.

“You don’t need to be scared,” McLean said. “It’s a tool that can excel us. A great analogy I heard was to think of it like a bicycle compared to someone running – you still need that momentum, you still need someone pushing on the pedals. But you can accelerate and take off, and you can travel further distances.

“It’s about understanding opportunities and business problems where we can apply it. Don’t let the tech wag the dog.

“I’m excited to see where we can apply it and really excel.”


Last month, Mediaweek and Samsung Ads launched a video series called Behind the Screens.

The five-part short-form series presents interviews conducted by Mediaweek editor-in-chief James Manning.

Each episode features a key player in the TV sector who shares insights about the latest trends in the sector from changing viewing habits to advertising business models. The guests have been brought together to discuss challenges, opportunities and the transformation of the TV landscape.

Guests across the series feature executives from Nine, Seven, Foxtel Media, Paramount ANZ, the IAB, EssenceMedia and Samsung Ads.

Samsung Ads is Advanced TV advertising. Its smart TV advertising solutions are built on data from millions of Smart TVs in Australia.

You can watch and podcast Behind the Screens powered by Samsung Ads.

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Episode five podcast

Top Image: Alex Mclean

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