Roundup: Instagram limiting political content, Hamish and Andy on Hubbl campaign, Karen Webb

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Taylor Auerbach, Australian Idol finale, Gordon Ramsay, Golden Globes, Ian Heads dies aged 81

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Seeing less political content on Instagram? It’s a deliberate move from Meta, which experts say could impact democracy

Noticed less political content in your Instagram feed lately? It’s a deliberate move by the social media giant which announced last month it planned to stop “proactively” recommending political content posted on accounts that users don’t follow, reports the ABC’s Jessica Riga.

To do that, Instagram has automatically set the “political content” control to “limit” on user accounts.

It’s easy to revert your settings back to how they were before (more on that in a moment) but experts say the move – and Instagram’s vague definition of “political content” – could impact democracy and platform fringe groups.

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Former Seven producer Taylor Auerbach takes swipe at ex-political staffer Bruce Lehrmann

Former Seven producer Taylor Auerbach has taken a swipe at ex-political staffer Bruce Lehrmann over the murky circumstances leading to an infamous 2023 television interview, report Nine Publishing’s Kate McClymont and Max Maddison.

In a bizarre two-minute press conference, Auerbach also complained that he had featured in numerous stories about the controversial appointment of his former colleague and one-time close friend, Steve Jackson, to run media affairs for NSW Police and its embattled commissioner, Karen Webb.

With a stained shirt and shaking hands, Auerbach called the media to a park near his harbourside apartment in the affluent Elizabeth Bay on Monday afternoon.

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Hamish Blake and Andy Lee share hilarious behind-the-scenes details on new ad campaign for Hubbl

You’ve probably seen Hamish Blake and Andy Lee in a series of advertisements popping up on TV promoting the innovative new TV technology, Hubbl. You know, the one where Hamish dresses up like a set-top box, reports News Corp’s Christine Estera.

“Well, I mean obviously there’s a huge discussion as to whether to put Hamish in the Hubbl box or me in the Hubbl box,” Andy tells

“Obviously, I’m more in touch with the common man. I represent Australian business, so obviously we said, ‘Andy, you be that and I’ll put the idiot in the box.’”

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Why top cop Karen Webb switched interview from Fordham to Hadley

A dramatic tug-of-war over an interview with Police Commissioner Karen Webb unfolded at 2GB Radio on Monday morning, reports News Corp’s William Tyson.

The embattled commissioner was scheduled to face questions on the surprise appointment of former producer Steve Jackson as her chief spin doctor amid repeated criticism for her poor public performances and media handling of an alleged double murder.

Last week, the top cop agreed to speak with Ben Fordham on Monday morning, but Webb pulled the pin after she took offence to a question Fordham asked the NSW Premier on Friday.

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Australian Idol finale: Fans declare Amy Reeves ‘robbed’ as Dylan Wright is revealed as winner

The winner of Australian Idol 2024 has been revealed following an action-packed finale on Monday evening, reports News Corp’s Joshua Haigh.

Fans rushed to social media to share their reactions to the result, with some celebrating while others claimed Amy Reeves, who had been tipped to win in the betting odds, had been “robbed”.

One wrote: “Call the police! A robbery has taken place on #AustralianIdol. Amy has been absolutely shafted. Easily the best performer in idol history.”

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Gordon Ramsay is impatient and opinionated. He’s also dynamite TV talent

Radiating restless energy, Gordon Ramsay seems to function on a higher frequency than most humans and generate more static. The 57-year-old father-of-six started training for triathlons when he turned 40 to “escape”. He also tried goat yoga a couple of years ago in California but says: “That was a disaster. It shat all over my back” reports Nine Publishing’s Debi Enker.

In a little over a month in Melbourne last year, he visited the gym 18 times, at 6am before a full day on set shooting his new reality-TV series, Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars. The place soon opened for him at 5am, so he could get through his regimen undisturbed.

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CBS signs five year deal for Golden Globes

The Golden Globe Awards once again have a long-term broadcast home, reports The New York Times’ John Koblin.

CBS announced on Monday that it had signed a five-year deal to broadcast the Globes, providing a much-needed shot in the arm for a program that was on life support not long ago.

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Sports Media

Ian Heads, the ‘gentleman journalist’ of rugby league, dies aged 81

In the early months of John Quayle’s tenure as general manager of the NSWRL, it wasn’t uncommon for him to take calls from reporters at 6am, reports Nine Publishing’s Andrew Webster.

As is still the case, no other sport engaged Sydney readers and warranted screaming headlines like rugby league, so Quayle’s bedside phone would regularly wake him before his alarm clock.

Among the first to call was The Mirror’s Peter Frilingos, considered the best news chaser in the business.

“Have you spoken to him yet?” Frilingos would grumble, according to Quayle.

“Who?” Quayle would reply.

“You know who.”

Frilingos was referring to Ian Heads, the “gentleman journo” from The Daily and Sunday Telegraph who caught stories with honey, not vinegar, and everyone loved him for it.

Heads died on Monday morning after a long illness. He was 81.

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