Rocker hangs up on Moonman in the Morning’s Jess Eva after “best lover?” question

• Jess Eva weighed in with her first question and it didn’t go well

A highlight for many listeners to Triple M Sydney’s Moonman in the Morning breakfast show is the classic rock soundtrack and the interviews with some of rock’s greats.

Today the show was poised to interview rock royalty, securing an interview with Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. “He’s had a life we can only dream about,” said Lawrence Mooney before welcoming him onto the show. The interview was organised to help promote new singles that have just been released from a forthcoming solo album.

Mooney started asking about life in LA under lockup in these incredible times.

But co-host Jess Eva soon weighed in with her first question and it didn’t go well:

“You’ve been a hero to so many men around the world because you’ve romanced so many hotties in your time – Heather Locklear, Pamela Anderson, Naomi Campbell…out of all your lovers who was the best one?”

The line to LA suddenly went dead.

“Did he just hang up on me?” asked Eva.

Mooney explained: “I think we just got hung up on because you went into a no-go zone.

Eva: “What was I meant to ask him? His favourite chocolate chip recipes?”

A rep from the music company then explained further: “We weren’t allowed to ask about his ex-wives.

Eva: “I didn’t know that.”

After a delay and some off-air negotiating, Tommy Lee returned to the interview.

Moonman: “The satellite dropped out there, so let’s just move on.”

The interview seemed to proceed on safer ground when he returned with the rocker talking frankly about his drug-taking years and about spending time in rehab. But nothing about the ladies in his life!

The interview appears to have been pre-recorded which means the show did a great job of packaging it up as a live rockstar blow-up.

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