QMS launches DOOH post-analysis tool, Performance+

QMS Performance+

Christian Zavecz: “It’s only going to further enhance opportunities for clients”

Digital media outdoor company QMS has announced the launch of Performance+, the first audience based post-campaign analysis tool in the $1.1 billion out-of-home industry.

The new product has been developed to further enhance audience accountability and transparency in the execution of client DOOH campaigns. 

Performance+ campaigns incorporate guaranteed audience metrics, enabling clients to buy with increased surety and confidence.

Speaking to Mediaweek, QMS Media’s chief strategy officer, Christian Zavecz, discussed the rationale behind Performance+. 

Zavecz explained, “It’s something that we’re very passionate about as a business: being really accountable to our clients, and giving them greater confidence in what we’re able to deliver to them as part of their campaign.

QMS - Christian Zavecz

Christian Zavecz

Created in conjunction with technology partner Hemisphere, Performance+ connects multiple systems and is underpinned by DSpark mobility data which provides a dynamic view of campaign audience volumes, along with a deeper understanding of their profiles.

Zavecz claims that Performance+ is “a natural evolution for QMS as we continue the transition from asset to audience transacting for clients.”

Elaborating on the need for DOOH transacting to behave more like that of broadcast channels as it grows, Zavecz said to Mediaweek, “We’ve been an industry that is stuck in being an asset-led business.

Now it’s shifting away from what’s been a legacy way of transacting in the medium to something that is more critical for advertisers, which is the audience that you deliver.

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When asked if he believes the data available to clients through Performance+ will inhibit creativity for DOOH campaigns, particularly in the brand space, Zavecz asserted: “It will actually do the opposite, it will further enhance creativity through greater insights. 

It’s only going to further enhance opportunities for clients because they’re going to have a much more granular understanding of audience. That understanding and insight will allow them to fine-tune their creative to be a lot more targeted, and minimise wastage.”

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Omnicom Media Group’s head of trading, John Lynch added: “Data that provides greater insight into campaign performance is something that we welcome at OMG. 

“We are excited to be the first in market to test the Performance+ post-analysis tool from QMS. It will allow us to gain a greater understanding of real-time audience behaviours during actual campaign periods. 

“We believe that Performance+ is an innovative enhancement to OOH planning and buying, augmenting the industry standard measurement system, MOVE.”

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