Outdoor 2016 Review: QMS well-positioned to continue growth

QMS switched on 27 new landmark digital billboards in 2016

2016 has been a landmark year for QMS, and one of significant growth. “We performed strongly across all financial metrics, significantly progressed our digital strategy, and successfully completed and integrated a number of acquisitions including ABSee street furniture on the Gold Coast and iSite and Omnigraphics in New Zealand,” QMS CEO Barclay Nettlefold told Mediaweek.

QMS switched on 27 new landmark digital billboards in 2016, along with the completion of phase one of its small-format development program on the Gold Coast. “In addition to building on our physical digital presence, QMS also invested in our operational capability with the launch of the Digilab, our dedicated technology hub, established to drive continual innovation and creative thinking across our business.”

Barclay Nettlefold

Barclay Nettlefold

QMS made some key appoints during the year including Alex Kerley as national sales manager, Bill Athanassiou as commercial sales manager, Steve Betts as state sales manager West Australia, Geoff Noonan as state sales manager Queensland and the promotion of Sarah Browne to state sales manager Victoria.

QMS completed 2015 with 29 landmark digital billboards, and now has 56 landmark digital billboards across Australia and New Zealand.

QMS also progressed its small format digital program during 2016. “We have converted 50 of our street furniture panels on the Gold Coast to digital, completed the rollout of a digital network throughout Bali’s domestic and international airport terminals and have approval as part of our Auckland Transport concession to launch a small-format digital platform across major train, bus and ferry terminals in New Zealand.”

The benefits of digital allowed QMS to secure a number of new categories that were previously unsuitable for traditional forms of outdoor such as retail, time-sensitive events and social media integration. Clients who have taken advantage of this flexibility in messaging and scheduling include L’Oreal, Chemist Warehouse, Fairfax, Chadstone and Network Ten.

Nettlefold explained: “On the flip side, traditional high users of outdoor realising the combined power of digital and static, and delivering memorable, highly targeted and engaging integrated campaigns include the likes of Domain, CUB , Holden, McDonalds and Ford.”

QMS outlook: “QMS has great momentum and is well placed to leverage our market presence and expand and enhance our quality portfolio. We will look to drive the increased uptake of digital technologies and continued market education of advertisers.”

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