Pro Podcast announces rebranding effort and podcaster portal

Pro Podcast

Pro Podcast also welcome Danny Giles as the company’s newest video and audio producer

Founded by Darcy Milne, Pro Podcast Production has announced a series of changes with the aim of further improving the services that the business offers.

Firstly, the company has begun a rebranding effort with Creative Brand Agency, Societal. The new branding reflects the full range of services that Pro Podcast now offers, making Pro Podcast a one-stop shop for everything a podcaster needs to succeed.

Pro Podcast has also announced the launch of an exclusive podcaster portal designed to streamline the entire podcasting process, making it easier and more intuitive to create a podcast. With the portal, clients can access everything they need for their podcast production, access resources and communicate with the team. 

Finally, Pro Podcast has announced that they are expanding their team to provide more support to their clients, and are welcoming Danny Giles to the team as the company’s newest video and audio producer. Giles comes with experience producing Spotify and SBS Originals and has previously worked at Sunrise, Nickelodeon, Network 10, and ABC.

pro podcast

Speaking to Mediaweek, Milne said that: “Our focus is to transform ideas of all sizes into captivating audio and visual experiences that establish meaningful connections with listeners.

“We are thrilled to continue pioneering the podcasting landscape with our rebranding initiative, the launch of the podcaster portal, and the expansion of our team.”

Since 2016, the company has produced 250+ podcast series and worked with clientele that includes LinkedIn, Lifeline, Acast and now Mediaweek as well as indie podcasters like MAFS’s Domenica Calarco & Ella Ding, Nova’s Tim Blackwell and Logan Paul for Australian productions.

With its rebranding, new client portal, and expanded team, Pro Podcast is better equipped than ever to help podcasters refine their message and create high-quality audio and video content to reach their audience. 

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