Pro Podcast marks the production of its 300th podcast series

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The 300th title is Real Talk, a weekly property news podcast

Pro Podcast is celebrating the production of its 300th podcast series, Real Talk, a weekly property news podcast that is all about real questions and real insights by

Real Talk is a perfect example of how you can be creative with audio, video and technology to offer an engaging content experience.

Head of content marketing at REA Group, Monique Knoblanche, shared, “We are excited to launch a series that will change how people learn and interact with the property market.

“In the podcast landscape, quality matters – working with Pro Podcast gave us access to the right advice, services and support for this series, and we’re looking forward to what’s to come.”

Real Talk Host Alice Piper pro podcast

Real Talk host Alice Piper

Pro Podcast is recreating the podcasting experience with a team of industry experts that help turn podcast ideas into audio and visual experiences that connect and captivate.

Founded by Darcy Milne, Pro Podcast has provided one of Australia’s first podcasting spaces, building an exclusive podcast production portal and gaining industry recognition and awards, including “podcast audio producer of the year.”

Pro Podcast has produced podcasts with LinkedIn, Xero, IKEA, NSW Gov, Lifeline, The Lowy Institute, Mediaweek and more, along with talent including Logan Paul, Lux Listing’s Gavin Rubinstein and independent podcasters.

In April, Pro Podcast announced its production partnership with LinkedIn, which saw them oversee the production, strategy and amplification of their series, Take The Lead.

Darcy Milne said “It’s a pleasure to take the skills and experience that has come from producing almost 300 podcast series and apply it to a brand we all know and love.” 

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