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Compiled by Jasper Baumann and Tess Connery

Green thumbs and gardens on That’s How We Grow

STIHL’s gardening podcast, That’s How We Grow, hosted by award-winning landscape designer and TV personality, Charlie Albone, has made its debut on LiSTNR with the launch of its third season. 

The previous two seasons of That’s How We Grow have also moved to LiSTNR. 

Podcast Week’s Tess Connery spoke with Albone about the move to LISTNR and what the new season holds. 

“We started it in COVID times, so everything was done at home and done remotely. With the third season with restrictions lifting, the guys at STIHL were wanting to up the ante a little bit, so they got LiSTNR involved. It has been great,” said Albone.

Gardening is a very hands-on activity, and Albone said that the key to podcasting and creating content when you don’t have the visual aspect is that “You just have really passionate guests.”

“This season, we’ve had some great guests who are great entertainers themselves. They make it very easy to listen to. 

“For example, one of our guests is a lady called Compostable Kate, who’s got this huge Instagram following. She’s incredibly passionate about recycling, compost, and worm farms. I love that episode, actually.”

That's How We Grow

Even beyond Composable Kate, Albone has a star-studded lineup for season three. 

We’ve had Curtis Stone, which was really great – he was talking from a chef’s point of view, talking through his garden at home in LA and the connection between cooking and gardening. We’ve had people who were just great entertainers like Deb Hutton, who confessed she knows nothing about gardening, so it was more me just giving her advice about her new house. I got very nervous inviting my wife on the podcast, which was a bit of fun to talk about the connection between interiors and exteriors. We spoke to Larry Emder about the property market because he’s invested quite a lot in property.”

When asked how the podcast has evolved since its first episode, Albone said that “It’s a bit more relaxed, and everyone’s getting a bit more used to that relaxed nature. It just feels a bit easier to listen to.”

As the podcast goes on, Albone said that he hopes audiences continue to enjoy the podcast, as well as learn something to keep their gardens thriving.

“I really hope with this series, people get a little bit of light entertainment but also take a lot of knowledge from it that they can use in their own garden. I hope it makes their their gardens a little bit easier to manage, and helps them enjoy them a bit more – because that’s what it’s all about.”

[Listen to That’s How We Grow here]

iHeart announces partnership with Australia’s first podcasting network owned and led by First Nations People

The network, called BlakCast, states that its mission is to strengthen the cultural identity of Australia.

2023 Indigenous Businesswoman of the Year Mundanara Bayles is the driving force behind BlakCast, with her own podcast Black Magic Woman being the first Indigenous podcast to be signed to the iHeart Network in Australia.

[BlakCast can be found here]

Brent Draper and wife Shonleigh talk about the passing of Jock Zonfrillo on Nova Podcast’s Separate Bathrooms

After dropping out of Masterchef in 2021 due to mental health struggles, Brent Draper came back in 2023 to take home the coveted gold plate, winning the series. 

Brent and his wife Shonleigh joined Cam and Ali to chat about how they support each other and how their lives have changed since the win.

Draper talking about the loss of Jock Zonfrillo:

Brent: “It just rocked me because I just I couldn’t grasp it. I think my mind couldn’t, you know, I’m still seeing him here. It was a very weird little moment of time when he was, you know, still on our screens every night. But we knew that, he wasn’t here anymore. And I just, you see how the type of person is when you see randoms in the street, and they talk about Jock and they start to visibly sort of have tears and get upset. And I’m like, you know, you don’t even meet the person and you feel like this.”

[Listen to the full interview here] 

LiSTNR announce new series ‘Stories of Us’, highlighting tales from Regional Australia

LiSTNR’s new series Stories of Us is a collection of untold stories from everyday Aussie heroes to celebrate regional Australian communities.

In each episode, host Sarah Grynberg from A Life of Greatness is joined by a guest whose journey was made against the backdrop of regional Australia.

For the first episode, Grynberg interviews Ben Gillies, drummer from the iconic Australian band Silverchair. Heralding from Newcastle, NSW, Ben explains how his love for the area has never waned, despite the global success he achieved with the band. “Wherever you’re born, and you grow up, you tend to just fall in love with it,” Gillies said. 

[Listen to Stories of Us here}

Acast boosts audience targeting with Proximic by Comscore partnership

Acast has announced a global partnership with Proximic by Comscore – a division of Comscore Inc. and a provider of audience and content-targeting solutions for media activation.

The partnership will work to enable cookie-free audience targeting for podcast advertisers around the world.

acast proximic

As the global media landscape faces signal loss and prepares for the deprecation of the third-party cookie, advertisers are challenged to find solutions that will continue to reach the right audiences with scale and precision. Predictive Audiences from Proximic by Comscore enables targeting based on behaviours such as personas, TV viewership, gaming habits, and retail purchases, but delivered contextually. This is made possible through the combination of Comscore’s first-party data sets and deep machine learning-backed predictive models.

The most recent reports on the global podcast advertising market forecast the industry to reach a $12.7 billion valuation by the end of this year and to lift to $40 billion in value by 2032.

“The podcast advertising industry has experienced rapid growth in recent years, but has been challenged to harness its full potential largely because innovations in ad tech still lagged behind more traditional media forms,” said Lee Blickstein, VP targeting solutions at Proximic by Comscore.

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Podcast Ranker October 2023: The 50th ranker sees Hamish & Andy stay steady at #1

Commercial Radio Australia has released the 50th edition of the Australian Podcast Ranker tables, charting performance in the month of October 2023.

The ranker now has 30 publishers, including 24 non-radio publishers, and four charts: top 150 podcasts, top 150 all-Australian podcasts, top publishers, and top sales representatives.

The 50th Ranker also includes Ted Talks Daily for the first time – coming in at #53.

Hamish & Andy

HODD Media (How Other Dads Dad with Hamish Blake) also joined the Ranker this month, taking the number of new publishers added in 2023 to nine.

Still enjoying top spot is LiSTNR’s Hamish & Andy, with 990,858 monthly listeners and 2,127,181 monthly downloads this month.

Second place is still held by iHeart’s Casefile: True Crime with 860,922 monthly listeners and 2,377,687 monthly downloads.

After taking third place off of Mamamia Out Loud in the last ranker, Shameless has kept its place rounding out the top three. October sees Shameless record 694,546 monthly listeners and 1,672,458 monthly downloads.

The biggest lifter of the ranker this month was LiSTNR’s Luke And Sassy Scott, up 35 places to #106. Not far behind was Nine’s The Ray Hadley Morning Show, lifting 32 places to #75.

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Podcast Week: That’s How We Grow

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