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Setting sail into history with LiSTNR’s Sports Bizarre

Monday, 26 September 1983. The country held its breath as Australia II crossed the finish line in the deciding race of the America’s Cup, ending a 132 year winning streak – the longest winning streak in the history of sport.

The moment instantly became one of Australia’s greatest sporting moments, and you may know the quote that comes along with the win – following Australia’s triumph, newly elected Prime Minister Bob Hawke famously said, “any boss who sacks anyone for not turning up today is a bum.”

LiSTNR’s Sports Bizarre with Titus O’Reily and Mick Molloy is set to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the victory with a series exploring the history and rare facts of the America’s Cup.

Podcast Week’s Tess Connery caught up with O’Reily and Molloy to get tot he bottom of what made the America’s Cup such an iconic moment in Aussie history. 

First of all, what do you think it is that has made the 1983 America’s Cup win so iconic in Australia?

Titus: “It came at a time when Australia was down on its luck. Drought, bad economic times, and suddenly we defeat America and end the longest winning streak in sport, 132 years.”

Mick: “It also gave us the boxing Kangaroo and Bob Hawke telling any boss who sacked a worker for not coming into work they were a bum.”

Titus O'Reily and Mick Molloy Sports Bizarre

Titus O’Reily and Mick Molloy

What were your goals when putting the series together?

Titus: “To educate people who were too young to remember it, what a big victory it was, and what it meant. We also wanted to put into context for those that did remember it, why it was such a big achievement. Australia did something that the British had tried for over 100 years and couldn’t do.”

Mick: “You could argue it’s still undersold in Australia just what an achievement this was.”

Are there any stories or facts that you came across that have particularly stuck with you while putting the series together?

Mick: “In 1886, Lieutenant Paddy Henn challenged the Americans and showed up with a crew that contained five dogs, a cat, a lemur, a raccoon and an official mascot of the ship, a monkey named Peggy, who wore a pullover and a hat.

“Peggy the monkey knew how to sail, and could be seen during the cup racing, pulling on the ropes to adjust the sails. The Americans said the monkey was the only one who knew how to sail.”

Sports Bizarre

What do you hope listeners take away from the series?

Titus: “Hopefully a sense of just how wild the America’s Cup was and how much the Americans had stacked the deck against anyone who challenged for it.”

Mick: “It’s a story of how a bunch of rebels from Australia beat the largest superpower in the world at their own game, and then the whole country partied for weeks on end.”

Looking ahead, what’s on the horizon for Sports Bizarre?

Titus: “We’ve got episodes coming up on the invention of rugby for the World Cup and a series on Keith Miller.”

Mick: “We also interviewed John Bertrand for this series. We’ll be looking at doing more of that too, telling these stories and speaking to the people who were there.”

[Listen to Sports Bizarre here]

Variety Australia launches their own podcast hosted by Poppy Reid

In the debut episode of the podcast, host Poppy Reid explores the blow-by-blow account of how Barbie blew up at the box office and explores the first stages of Seven Network’s major overhaul. 

There is also a special feature episode with American entrepreneur and author Gary Vee taken from his keynote interview at the Variety CMO Dinner, during which he walked guests through his thoughts on AI in marketing, finding the right balance between math and art in Marketing, the Barbie campaign, the Twitter rebrand and more.

Sports Bizarre

“I’m so excited for Poppy to be launching the Variety Australia Podcast,” explains The Brag Media CEO Luke Girgis, “bringing her unique voice that has been so loved by Rolling Stone readers into film and entertainment.”

The launch of the Variety Australia Podcast closely follows the release of data that reveals Australians have eclipsed their counterparts in America when it comes to podcast consumption. 

[Listen to the Variety Australia podcast here]

LiSTNR and the Law Society of NSW announces season 2 of Lawfully Explained

The second season of the Lawfully Explained podcast series features a range of legal experts talking about everyday legal issues in a straightforward, easy-to-understand format.

Episode topics include ‘Should I use ChatGPT for legal advice?’, ‘My friend wants my help to have a baby – should I say yes?’, ‘How can the law support the transgender community?’, ‘My friend is in a violent relationship, how can I help?’, plus the legal rights of tenants.

Sports Bizarre

Guests will include Grant Arbuthnot, principal solicitor at the Tenants Union; Katie Green, managing principal at the Inner City Legal Centre; and Simon Burns, Partner at Gilbert+Tobin, and expert in cyber security, tech and data privacy.

President of the Law Society of NSW, Cassandra Banks, said: “Lawfully Explained plays a crucial role in giving the community useful information about common legal problems and questions that can confront people during their lives.

“Lawfully Explained is so successful because it engages listeners who are curious about the way the law works and can affect them as they navigate common, but potentially complex legal issues. These include preparing a will, dealing with legal trouble overseas, and whether ChatGPT can provide reliable legal advice. Spoiler alert – it can’t.

“Getting the right advice from a lawyer shouldn’t be complicated and this second series of Lawfully Explained will go a long way towards helping people facing legal issues to look for advice in the right places.”

[Listen to Lawfully Explained here]

Acast and Slip.Stream partner to allow Acast podcasters access to over 70,000 songs for use

Acast has announced its partnership with Slip.Stream which allows Acast podcasters access to more than 70,000 songs for use in their content creation. 

The first podcast partnership for Slip.Stream will see all 100,000 Acast podcasters receive “Pro Level” access free for six months, and a special discount offer to upgrade to an annual Pro plan thereafter. 

Guy Scott-Wilson, Acast content director for Australia and New Zealand, said: “Our goal at Acast is to make it as easy as possible for podcast creators to access the tools and support they need to professionalise and monetise their work, wherever their audience might be listening. This exciting new partnership with Slip.Stream is another great example of this mission, empowering podcasters to meet the growing expectations of discerning audiences.”

Andy Lee launches his ninth addition to the Do Not Open This Book series on LiSTNR

Pretty Please Do Not Open This Book sees Wizz, voiced by Lee, on another adventure. This time he agrees to dance in public and has to face his fears. His friend and dance partner in the story is Nessie, voiced by Lee’s real-life partner Bec Harding.

Lee became an award-winning children’s author by accident. The first book in the series was only ever meant to have one copy as he wrote it as a surprise for his sister and her husband to celebrate their son George’s first birthday.

When he asked his mate to print him one copy, his mate said: “This book is good, can we print more?” Lee replied: “No. DO NOT print this book.” The rest is history with the book winning 16 book awards, becoming a best seller in Brazil, Portugal, France, Italy, Japan and Iceland and being selected for Portugal and Brazil’s official state school reading program.

LiSTNR head of parenting and kids entertainment, Evan Kaldor, said: “In this ninth book in the series, Wizz returns with his characteristic mischievousness. However, this time, Wizz asks the reader to help him tackle something new – stage fright. Wizz has a positive message to encourage kids to take the first step in doing those things in life that make them scared or anxious and we hope families, carers and educators enjoy reading this story together.

[Listen to Pretty Please Do Not Open This Book here]

New book showcasing the secrets of profitable podcasting announced

Media coach Christine Blosdale is set to release her new book on International Podcast Day on September 30, called “Podcastonomics: Unlocking The Secrets of Profitable Podcasting For Beginners.”

The book demystifies the world of podcasting for beginners who are considering launching their own podcast. Blosdale offers knowledge, strategies, and insider tips to help readers navigate the dynamic landscape of podcasting.

“We are thrilled to release ‘Podcastonomics’ on International Podcast Day,” said Blosdale. “Podcasting has become a global phenomenon, and this book is designed to help individuals harness its power to achieve their personal and financial aspirations. Whether you’re an aspiring podcaster or a seasoned pro, there’s something in ‘Podcastonomics’ for everyone.”

[Podcastonomics is available here]

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