Podcast Week: Helen Dalley, Osher, Dating podcasts, Forever New

• The Pineapple Project returned this week with its fourth season

Helen Dalley builds it…will they come?

Long-time Nine Network and then Sky News journalist and news anchor Helen Dalley has dipped her toe into the podcast world with Build It. They’ll Come.

Launched earlier this month, Dalley puts her years of journalistic and television experience into candid and revealing interviews with innovative visionaries who bet big, backed themselves and built something extraordinary.

The host told Mediaweek she is promising to uncover step-by-step what it takes to build an empire, from concept to execution.

Series 1 looks at how a humble idea went from a start-up, to a billion-dollar empire; how a small charity became a substantial organisation improving the lives of thousands; how an entirely new sporting code branch was built; and more. Initial guests include billionaire retailer Gerry Harvey.

Dalley explained: “Anyone can have an idea, but what distinguishes the interview subjects on Build It. They’ll Comeis the building process – how they nurtured, persevered, got lucky, fell down and got back up again. How they turned a lightbulb moment into a success, through hard slog and unwavering belief in themselves and in their idea. It’s gritty and messy, but truly inspiring stuff.”

Listen to Build It. They’ll Come here.

Jan Fran on death on The Pineapple Project

The award-winning ABC podcast The Pineapple Project returned this week with its fourth season, a new host and a prickly new topic. Walkley award-winning journalist Jan Fran (creator, writer and presenter of The Frant, guest presenter on Network 10’s The Project and previously co-host for SBS’s The Feed) is taking on the tricky topic of death.

The podcast features a special guest appearance from comedian Rhys Nicholson in his most dramatic role to-date as the Grim Reaper.

In Jan Fran’s words, “If I could dish out one piece of unsolicited advice, it would be to talk to your fam about death and ask your loved ones what they’d like at their funerals because – and trust me on this – it’s very hard to get answers from a dead person!!!

“After death comes admin, and while we can’t stop the former from happening, we can at least make the latter more manageable.”

Listen to The Pineapple Project here.

Love guru’s busy Valentine’s Day

Prolific podcaster and reality TV love guru Osher Günsberg has had (another) busy week. In addition to his three podcasts he releases weekly, Günsberg is hosting two shows with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra as it plays music from romantic movies on February 14 and 15 as the Sydney Town Hall.

If all that wasn’t enough, Günsberg also guested on Q&A earlier in the week in an episode with new host Hamish Macdonald. On his Better Than Yesterday podcast this week Günsberg talks about the social media insults he got after his ABC TV appearance.

Listen to Better Than Yesterday here.

Two dating podcasts for Valentine’s Day

Mamamia and Nova have dating podcasts that, not surprisingly, are being promoted in time for Valentine’s Day.

The Mamamia podcast Eligible is hosted by Rachel Corbett and was promised at its 2020 Upfront event.

Series one, which consists of 12 weekly episodes, is sponsored by Fantastic Furniture and is dropping Friday 14th February at 3pm.

The Nova podcast is Finding a Unicorn (returning this week) which is being described as combining a Married at First Sight over-sharer with a no-filter commitment phobe.

Hosting the podcast are serial dater Carly Bowyer and unlucky-in-love fusspot Eliza Paschke who go on a journey to find out if the perfect match is actually out there or if they are searching for a mythical creature that doesn’t exist – the elusive unicorn!

Bowyer said, “We want people to know that they’re not alone…it’s hard out there and the dating game can totally suck. I’d just ended a relationship, started dating again and quickly realised how cutthroat the dating game was. There were so many bad dates and dating fails, that I needed an outlet to spill all the juicy details so Finding a Unicorn was born!”

A marketing manager with experience in events, content development and digital marketing, she’s been through it all in the dating world, from long term relationships to serial dating – and even appeared on Married at First Sight.

Paschke added, “I make no secret of the fact I have zero success when it comes to love and relationships. Which is why you won’t find a better person to talk about the minefield that is dating. I’ve met a million donkeys on my unsuccessful quest to find a unicorn and instead of being defeated and depressed, I decided venting publicly on a podcast was the answer.

Paschke studied journalism and worked as a radio producer and is now a public speaker who talks about mental health to high school students.

Listen to Eligible here.

Listen to Finding a Unicorn here.

Forever New podcasts direct to customers

Melbourne fashion retailer Forever New has launched its own podcast Unforgettable Moments, a series about the defining moments in a woman’s life.

Produced by The Peers Project and hosted by its founder Michelle Akhidenor, the series will feature several inspirational women sharing their stories. The first episode is with Little Dreamers chief executive officer Maddy Buchner.

Carolyn Mackenzie, Forever New manager director said, “We are proud to be one of the first Australian fashion retailers to launch a podcast series and we hope that the Forever New woman will relate, find inspiration and enjoy listening to each episode.”

Listen to Forever New here.

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