Podcast Week: Gary Mehigan’s Plate To Call Home, Jessica & Denise

• “Lots of laughs, lots of tears and lots of learning”

Working as one of the three founding judges on Network Ten’s most-watched show doesn’t fill all of Gary Mehigan’s time. The MasterChef veteran has just seen the 10th season of the show wrap with a very popular winner of what many fans have called close to the best season ever.

In between his filming commitments, Mehigan has started a successful podcasting brand – A Plate To Call Home.

He has only just launched the second season, which is promising many hours of engaging conversations with people connected to the food industry. The first season featured many highlights including a two-part Nigella Lawson podcast plus interviews with MasterChef colleagues Matt Preston and George Calombaris.

Mediaweek spoke to the TV judge just as the latest MasterChef ended. “We have been loving the fact that everyone is so engaged this year,” he said, referring to the series’ good ratings. “We had a fabulous bunch of contestants this year. The show is a lovely snapshot of what is happening in Australia right now.”

Mehigan has taken to podcasting with the same enthusiasm he exudes on TV. He has been very prolific and was one of the founding foodies on the PodcastOne platform. He had 20 episodes in his first season and he has already recorded close to another 20 for season two.

“It has been such a pleasure having long, in-depth foodie chats with people I admire. There have been lots of laughs, lots of tears and lots of learning.”

If you want to sample Gary Mehigan’s tears, don’t miss the recently released wonderful Manu Feildel podcast where they both tear up during their chat.

Mehigan said the podcast experience has been the complete opposite to MasterChef. “On TV we have short sound bites and grabs, but here we are having deep and meaningful conversations with all sorts.”

The podcast is also different in that it is just Mehigan with a microphone. “I am picking the guests, and doing the research with producer Dave Zwolenski.”

Like most good podcasts, Mehigan asks his question and then gets out of the way, giving his guests the space to respond. “There can be an awkward moment of silence, but they soon fill that silence and the conversations we have are so much better.”

The podcasts keep on topic too – he emphasises the brand is A Plate To Call Home and the conversation has to be about food. “I can’t just have a random person on who doesn’t enjoy their food.”

Mehigan enjoys the medium’s global audio smorgasbord as a podcast listener and he said listening to podcasts allows him to listen and learn.

Listen to A Plate To Call Home Here

Global Truths revealed

Well-known international affairs commentator Dr Keith Suter launched his PodcastOne weekly series Global Truths six months ago.

Topics covered so far include the evolution of spying, the history of chemical warfare and the secrets behind Trump and Putin’s relationship.

Suter gives colour and context to some of the big stories in global politics in just 20 minutes.

He chooses one issue in global politics each week and tells his audience what is happening, why it is happening, what led to this issue developing and what is likely to happen next.

As Australia’s leading media commentator on geo-politics and global affairs, Suter has plenty of personal anecdotes about some of the world’s most powerful people as well as putting their actions into context.

Listen to Global Truths here.

Celebrating Jarrod Lyle

Mark Howard’s The Howie Games podcast has been celebrating its 50th episode as sports broadcaster Howie launches into the second series of his sports podcasts.

His 51st podcast though is one of his most poignant, a special tribute to golfer Jarrod Lyle who passed away earlier this month.

Howie writes in his intro to the episode:

This interview was recorded in March 2017. Excerpts from the chat have been featured in The Moment: Jarrod Lyle. However, large parts have remained unheard. We’ve decided, with Briony Lyle’s blessing, to release this full interview so you can truly understand what a spectacular man Jarrod was.

Over his journey, Jarrod was supported by – and in turn supported – the brilliant Australian charity Challenge. Please go to challenge.org.au to donate.

Alternatively, there is a GoFundMe page to help support Jarrod’s girls Lusi and Jemma and their future education. Simply Google GoFundMe and Jarrod Lyle.

To Jarrod’s family, our thoughts are with you. Rest easy, Big Fella.

Listen to the Jarrod Lyle podcasts from Howie here:

Part 1

Part 2

Milestone for Jessica and Denise

The popular weekly comedy podcast One Fat Lady & One Thin Lady by Jessica Rowe and Denise Drysdale has now reached over 200,000 downloads. Never ones to take themselves too seriously, Jess and Denise share hilarious and often candid moments from their day-to-day lives as they sit around Jessica’s dining table. Both are now former co-hosts of Network Ten’s Studio 10.  Rowe quit the morning show earlier this year and Drysdale confirmed her departure today!

Listen to One Fat Lady & One Thin Lady here.

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