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Compiled by Tess Connery and Grace Gollasch

Everything You Auto Know: Demystifying car ownership with LiSTNR and carsales

LISTNR and carsales.com.au have launched the fourth podcast series of their collaboration, Everything You Auto Know. The podcast help drivers who want to be expert owners of their car and everything that goes along with it.

Across the 10-episode series, host Erin Molan breaks down everything from what to look for when purchasing a car, right through to how to do the basics such as changing a tyre.

Podcast Week’s Tess Connery spoke to carsales editor-in-chief Mike Sinclair about the partnership with LiSTNR, and launching Everything You Auto Know.

Everything You Auto Know is the fourth podcast from carsales and LiSTNR, having previously released Along for the Ride, Watt’s Under the Bonnet, and The Showroom – Car News and Views.

“It is a big project, but it’s one that we needed to do to help give consumers a proper understanding of the depth of the expertise in this place and the passion for automotive overall,” says Sinclair.

“We really want to make sure that Aussies know that we really are a one stop shop for everything they need to do, whether it be buying, selling, or researching that purchase.”

There is no shortage of topics to cover when creating a podcast on car knowledge. Sinclair says that the team narrowed down what the episodes would focus on by taking a look at what listeners wanted.

“We actually went and looked at what people are searching for! We looked at some of the most common questions, what our consumers want, and what information they need. I don’t think there were any surprises for us there.

“What we were able to do then is look at whether we used internal experts or tapped into some third-party expertise to make sure that we deliver the information that consumers need in a bite-sized chunk.”

Behind the mic is 2Day FM’s Erin Molan, who hosts all 10 episodes of Everything You Auto Know. For Sinclair, Molan’s addition to the podcast made perfect sense.

“What we wanted to do was have somebody who was well known to the LiSTNR audience and had the right sort of personality, the right sort of delivery. Somebody who’s not an expert, not a car enthusiast, but equally is interested in the subject.

“Erin ticked all those boxes, it was good to have her on board. I think she came out of it knowing a lot more about cars than when she went into it, but her enthusiasm showed through all the way.”

Unlike some of the more niche podcasts out there, when creating the series Sinclair says that the team were designing the show to appeal to as many people as possible.

“The key audience for Everything You Auto Know is that person who’s starting along that journey of either buying a car or selling a car, or looking at some of those other subjects that we addressed during the series.

“It was the man or woman in the street, no particular age group. Demographics skew a little bit because of who consumes podcasts the most, but we wanted to make sure that it appealed to as general an audience as we could.”

Erin Molan Daily mail

Erin Molan

With LiSTNR on board, Sinclair says that the carsales team found the final piece of the puzzle for Everything You Auto Know.

“It’s been great working with LiSTNR team, they’re really excited about the subject matter that we’re presenting. We think we’re professionals in the automotive content space, and it’s great to work with professionals in the podcast space – I think what we’ve done is bigger than the sum of its parts. It’s not something that would have been as enjoyable or as easy to do in our own right, without working with the team at LiSTNR.”

As for what comes next, Sinclair says that there are a number of plans on the horizon for carsales.

“We have a broad suite of content – we have a significant amount on the website, last year we published 5000 articles on cars alone. We published 250 long form videos, which we produce fully in house.

“We’ve got a strong presence on YouTube, and you can look at delivering video content to consumers via smart TV, all of those balls are in the air at the moment. We’ll see where some of them land. But certainly, I would love to continue the podcast relationship with LiSTNR.”

[Listen to Everything You Auto Know here]

True crime continues to rule Podcast Ranker, but ‘newcomer’ climbs higher

Commercial Radio & Audio have released the December rankings on Triton Digital’s Podcast Ranker which sees Casefile True Crime safe in the #1 spot. The podcast dominates the market and in December it boasted over 700,000 monthly listens and over 2m monthly downloads.

Casefile True Crime managed its impressive figures from just three episodes across the month.

The big story on the Ranker though continues to be the arrival of chart “newcomer” Mamamia. In reality a podcast veteran, the publisher has strengthened its grip on the Podcast Ranker. Its impressive Top 20 performance includes Mamamia Out Loud creeping higher from #3 to #2 with help from 24 episodes. Its other Top 10 performer also climbed – Mamamia founder Mia Freedman’s No Filter podcast climbed from #9 to #8.

Podcast Ranker

The publisher is now close to boasting three podcasts in the Top as Mamamia’s True Crime Confessions jumped from #17 to #12.

Crashing into the Top 20 was Sky News Australia Update which moved from #23 to #14.

The #1 radio show podcast remained The Kyle and Jackie O Show although the program was on summer break for most of the month. Its ranking did slip from #5 to #20 though. Expect to see it bounce back in the January data next month.

ARN’s head of digital audio, Corey Layton, said: “This was an incredible result for the iHeartPodcast Network and sets the stage for what’s to come. We have some incredible and innovative shows underway, set to gain audience and advertiser interest across 2023 and beyond.”

SCA executive lead LiSTNR podcasts, Grant Tothill, said, “After finishing 2022 as Australia’s number one podcast network, we are looking to drive stronger growth in 2023. We have more partnerships, new titles that will join LiSTNR podcasts, along with some exciting new podcasts currently in production and slated for release later this year.”

[See the Australian Podcast Ranker here]

New podcast teaches artists how to live healthy, wealthy, and wise

Lara Bianca Pilcher has released the Healthy Wealthy Wise Artist podcast to help performers redefine ‘making it’ and live fulfilled as they pursue their dreams.

Listeners get to experience a masterclass with experts on how to live healthy, wealthy, and wise as an artist.

Pilcher is an artist, podcaster, qualified educator, singer, dancer, and actor with big dreams and 20 years lived as a career artist in three of the world’s hottest artist markets.

She said, “My superpower is helping Artists become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life they actually want…. one with abundant creativity, joy, and peace.”

The podcast will feature guests including, health professionals, psychologists, nutritionists, physical therapists, artist entrepreneurs and other professionals.

“After working as an associate professor in a California USA arts conservatory, I was again reminded of the many questions performers have. The areas of unknown information not usually covered in formal education or the industry at large.

“The answers to these common questions are vital to a sustainable, long-term career in the performing arts. In response to the need, I founded not just a podcast, but a movement of performers and artists committed to living as a healthy, wealthy, and wise artist,” she said.

[Listen to Healthy Wealthy Wise Artist here]

Audible shares its top wellbeing audiobook and podcast recommendations for 2023

Audible has released its top wellbeing audiobook and podcast recommendations to kickstart the new year. 

Recent research commissioned by Audible shows a growing trend toward wellbeing and self-development audio content in Australia. Audible has revealed the ‘personal development’ podcast genre is Australians’ third-favourite genre, behind true crime and comedy.

Additionally, 59% of Australians say audiobooks help them to relax and switch off from worries and challenges, and 48% of Australians listen to audio content at home to relax.

Everything You Auto Know

Audible’s most recent recommendations cover everything from rebooting finances, healthy eating, relationships, and self-development titles.

The goop Pursuit: Leaning into Pleasure by Penda N’diaye (Audible Original)
8 Step Confidence Crash Course by Domonique Bertolucci (Audible Original)
Tame Your Inner Critic by Clare Bowditch (Audible Original)
Good Great Perfect by Dr. Rebecca Ray (Audible Original)
How To Release Anxiety by Gabrielle Bernstein (Audible Original)

Monash’s What Happens Next? podcast recognised at Signal Awards

Monash University’s What Happens Next? podcast series has been recognised in the inaugural global Signal Awards alongside other high-profile podcast creators including Apple, HBO, Netflix and media powerhouses like the New York Times, Bloomberg and the ABC.

Hosted by Monash academic and commentator Dr Susan Carland, What Happens Next? won a Gold Award for Documentary under the Branded Shows and Advertising category. The award recognises branded shows that document the world through narrative, interviews, conversations and other documentary formats.

Everything You Auto Know

The podcast also won a Bronze Award for Best Conversation Starter for an individual episode titled “The Psychedelic Resistance” which explored the therapeutic potential of psychedelics in treating mental health conditions.

Monash University’s CMO Fabian Marrone said: “It’s a remarkable achievement to have our podcast acknowledged for its documentary-style storytelling and thought-provoking topics in the inaugural Signal Awards.”

[Listen to What Happens Next? here]

Nova launches new podcast with reality TV stars Al Perkins and Taku Chimwaza

Nova has announced the launch of its new original podcast, Back To Reality, hosted by reality TV alumni Al Perkins (from Love Island Australia and Married at First Sight) and Taku Chimwaza (Love Island Australia 2021).

Back To Reality launches on Wednesday, 18 January, and the hosts discuss what happens when the cameras stop rolling, and they returned to reality.

Perkins and Chimwaza’s lives were turned upside down when they appeared on two of the biggest reality TV series in the world. Fans watched them look for love, nail the art of the shoey, get friend-zoned and navigate some of the wildest reality TV moments.

Everything You Auto Know

Audiences have watched their lives play out on the small screen, and now it’s time to hear what comes next. From their weekend party antics, to trying to date while firmly in the public eye, Perkins and Chimwaza are taking listeners Back To Reality in the new Nova Podcast.

Perkins said: “It’s been great joining forces with Taku and discussing where us boys blunder and understanding other people perspectives. I’m always being asked about some of the things I say and what I mean, well Back To Reality digs a little bit deeper than just a shoey!”

[Listen to Back To Reality here]

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