Studiospace announces its launch in the US

Studiospace - Robin Scarborough

The Studiospace platform offers clients access to over 180 agencies across 23 countries

Studiospace, the marketplace for creative, digital and marketing services, has announced its launch in the USA.

This allows will Australian marketers and independent agencies to now have direct access to briefs and talent from the biggest marketing and advertising market in the world.

The move enables Studiospace to continue to deliver on its promise of unlocking unlimited potential across the marketing ecosystem.

Its unique, tech-powered platform provides a simple and risk-free means for the biggest brands to access independent agency talent across an unparalleled range of marketing services disciplines anywhere in the world.

Co-founder and Australia managing director Robin Scarborough said: “In under a year, and without much fanfare, Studiospace has already seen over 100 projects briefed to independent agencies around the world from blue chip brands.

“With an average project value of $125k and a conversion rate of 90% the model is already delivering huge value to both agencies and clients. Our expansion into the US is going to propel the platform to the next level and open up even more opportunity.”

“The US is the biggest marketing and ad market in the world and home to some amazing brands and highly innovative agency businesses. I’m certain this will be a boon for Aussie agencies and marketers alike.”

Globally the Studiospace platform offers clients access to over 180 agencies across 23 countries, spanning the full spectrum of marketing service categories. A number of Studiospace’s Australian roster agencies including Akcelo, Apparent, Josephmark and Deepend already have an active presence in the US market.

Studiospace - David Cowser

David Cowser

Studiospace has recruited David Cowser, previously of Deloitte-owned innovation agency Market Gravity, to run its New York office.
Cowser said: “US brands are showing us they are keen to tap into a global talent network for a number of reasons, and the Studiospace platform is designed to make that an effortless process for them.

“On the flip-side, we’re also able to provide access to incredible ground-breaking US agencies who are well-placed to help ambitious companies in other markets realise their potential with some truly market-leading solutions. 

“Post pandemic the marketing industry is now truly global. What is the difference if an agency is based in Seattle or Sydney if they have the skills to deliver world-class work?”

Studiospace’s core service categories are: Customer & Business Strategy; Data, Research & Insights; Experience & Design; Tech & Development; Advertising, Brand & Creative; Production Services; Media, PR & Events; Employer Marketing & Experience.

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Top image: Robin Scarborough

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